//// pictures of our sound-making machines ////

What the hell? That’s cool!

I swear I recognize some people in some of those photos from hanging around Perfect Circuit!

I like that piece you have with the Monome gear.

Is there some other source for details other than Instagram?

Hmm. Maybe I SHOULD buy that Intellijel 7U case after all.

What place did you use?

This place:

The shipping was really fast, and the thing looks indestructible too.

I’ve sent them a message since I’m hearing some warbling on the more pitched material (I don’t know if this is normal for dubplates), so will see what they say.

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king tubby
'circut bending, soldering, 'making his own gear- all on a small island
¡oh, and getting world class sounds :slight_smile:


damn, i’m actually in LA. bummed i missed this!

pictures, gents, pictures! :wink:


this arrived today.


are those 3.5mm to mini jumper cables? if so where did you find em? or is there a decent diy how-to somewhere? would love a bunch of those.

No, this is just a mix of regular 3.5mm cables and some jumper wires for Folktek Matter.
BTW, Matter controlled by arc is super exciting. Send it all through 3Sisters, and it gets very cool!


running parc on grid 256 sending midi > Doepfer A-190-4->MI Rings>MI Clouds



Care to compare and contrast your Jones and Mordax?

I want one…but not both.

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haven’t used mordax enough yet to be able to judge fairly, and i really only use the oscilloscope mode on both so can’t compare them in terms of other modes, but i think both are very capable. if i had to pick one i would go with mordax simply due to the screen size and the fact it can display 4 signals at once - this is essential for firmware development. 6 is even better for something i’m working on but once done o’tool can move to a different case (likely next to modcan quad lfo…)


My Quad LFO often ends up hooked up to my O’Tool too :slight_smile:

I’ll be interested to see how you get on with the Mordax in the long run. I was interested when they announced it, but one of the nice things about the O’Tool is that it’s really easy to use as there aren’t many options. Alas, the £ to anything exchange rate is kinda awful now, so I couldn’t really justify one if even if I wanted to. I have an oscilloscope that I can haul over if I need to go deep anyway.

Do you have a mini rig for developing with? At the moment I’ve got a 3m USB A-A cable from my computer to the other side of my room. It’s a bit awkward really.

Anyway pictures thread…


i actually have an old oscilloscope i got via craigslist for $50, love the old CRT display but it’s too big so it’s sitting in a storage. i could replace it with something more modern and it’d be likely cheaper and more practical than o’tool or mordax but i really like the convenience of having it as part of my firmware dev rig (the main modular is also within reach from computer but it’s nice to have a small skiff that is dedicated to development).

mordax definitely wins in terms of being able to display 4 vs 2 signals - i found it to be a must when i have to track 2 CVs and 2 gates simultaneously. it also has more display options which should be super useful too. they also mentioned having additional modes where you can use it as a quad osc (if i recall correctly) or clock div / etc, hopefully simultaneously with visualization, which increases its usability in a small dev rig.

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Finally finished building this at the weekend. It’s… really very competent; I’m currently mainly running it as a Quantermain, which, though I knew it was a four-channel quantiser… I hadn’t realised that mode also had built-in turing-machines and bytebeats. Hunh.

Full disclaimer: I only ended up with this when I realised how beautiful the Magpie panels were.


Man. I somehow busted an encoder just this morning trying to build mine. Also, I seemed to have ordered an incorrect set of caps. I’m a little suspect of my soldering on the DAC to round things out. Looks like I’ll have to wait for another Mouser order to find out how I did.

that TSOP DAC is a PITA to solder. I had to get a hand with it and possibly lifted a pad - fortunately, wire to the rescue. Otherwise, smooth sailing.

What’s the one that’s not an op1?

Nm I e the answer later. Need to keep up to date in this thread haha!

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By posting some pictures!