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really nice! what are the right-angle cables?

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I don’t think so. I have Tendrils, and the heads look very different.

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You are right, different ones. A bit thicker but cheaper:

I’d rather have tendrils but availability of specific color/length is rare.


Thank you for sharing this.
Would you recommend these patch cables (aside from the price)?

Do you have a modulargrid for this? Looks cool :+1:

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Yeah, totally recommended. The head is a bit bigger than Tendrils, also Tendrils are slightly bent down so is like 80º, which helps to keep them closer to the panel. Also these have a larger section than Tendrils. but all in all they are perfectly fine for its purpose, it just gets a tad busier than with Tendrils.


Thanks! Many questions to think about…

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Feel free to ask, I don’t exactly hate to talk about my setup :slight_smile:


I have these too and like them a lot. Have a few tendrils too, haven’t noticed that much difference in real use.

Would love to hear more details about how your controls case works in performance - putting the pedal interface down there is genius. Also first time seeing a Plinky racked, nice!


Oh boy the excuse to talk about Jesus. Just going to take a minute, I promise.
(nesting to avoid a mess).

Background of the setup
Having the pedal interface there is helpful if I want to add external effects, which I don't at the moment as Beads+Mimeophon+Data Bender are enough (prolly will swap Beads for some NE Versio or Barullo Ciobra). For the performance I use it as a preamp for a mic or Elektrousi or both, then into ears for further amping, gate and EF and then ES-9. That and CTACT on 1U helps to maintain a small footprint if I want to add external sound sources, which increases the footprint.. but, no more extra interfaces or mixers, just playable stuff. Mixing happens on Ableton, so in different parts of the sets the I/O are automated to come and go, so I can focus a bit only on Ensemble OSC, then change to go crazy with the effects, then use Plinky, etc. It's opposite of what I wanted, that is more impro, but needing a computer to control my light setup made me go to Ableton and TouchDesigner, and suddenly things started flowing because I needed to set an structure to tell a story with the lights. Thinking on doing a totally DAWless performance was actually slowing the process of getting it ready, realizing it was REALLY freeing.

Half of the outputs from the controller rack goes to CV Thing to control the lighting setup or other stuff on Ableton, often simultaneously to (try to) achieve synesthesia. The controller rack takes the spotlight (big rack is second), but there’s also a sensel morph to bring some extra momentary effects, buttons and expressiveness to control the lights too.

Plinky loves to be racked, look all the I/O it has!

Its touchplate is a second to me, after Pressure Points which you don’t see there for a reason. Plinky is just much more expressive plus all the extras. It sounds gorgeous by itself and it’s very organic due to the excellent touchplate design. For maximum control it needs to be played flat in my opinion, otherwise you need to angle your wrist to much. So glad I got it the first batch!

Here’s Plinky v/oct outputs moving pixels on the lighting setup depending on pitch and amplitude (all the set is based on this kind of audio-light interaction).

Voltage Block
It's a powerhouse of moment and super useful enough to think about a second unit. Presets plus performance controls makes it a must. I set the faders beforehand as its output is always smooth which doesn't sound too good depending on what, but you can mute/unmute, play with arp and playback direction.
VC Transitions
It's basically a macro, still need to patch it up more but as it's now it acts as a crossfade for light animations and other audio tricks on Ableton.
Black Joystick 2
This one is amazing. Every unsynced modulation is best done by a hand (turning knobs), and what better than a joystick with 4 channels of motion recording so you can maximize the params. Really fun to move lights using it.
CV Thing
It allows me to use all the fun modules as a controller for Ableton and TouchDesigner, ES-9 is taking too many audio inputs.

Setup looks great!
Is it useable with the Korg keyboard in the background like that? And do you not need a keyboard interface to access the Hydrasynth or are the pads enough for you?
What stand are you using for the Push? I need exactly that!

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The Korg Minilogue is sort of just there since I haven’t pulled the trigger on selling it yet (It was my first hardware synth and I’m planning on getting rid of it due to my space restriction). That said, I do have it (and everything else really) hooked up to a MOTU Ultralite and PC running Live 11 just out of the picture. So it’s definitely usable in that I can dial in a patch with a stretch of the arms, then sequence and automate MIDI from the Push. Same goes for the Hydra - I do use the pads to do some sound design, but then play it and sequence it with the Push once I get something I like dialed in. The modular is also using the ES-8 to integrate nicely with Live 11, and the Analog Four is run through Overbridge - so everything plays together really nice once I got a nice Live template set up.

The stand for the push is actually just a laptop arm that attaches to the desk, here is the link on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07BDQQVN2?psc=1&ref=ppx_yo2_dt_b_product_details

The laptop arm has been great, and I’ve since got another one for the Analog Four also. It’s not perfect, as there’s the smallest bit of wiggle when you’re playing the Push forcefully, but it works surprisingly well for being pretty affordable. It’s been a great way for me to save space and fit more gear in my tiny room!


wow, what are those faders on the voltage block?!?!

They look like Sifam fader caps. They’re cool cos they allow the light to shine through, albeit in a diffused way. Sifam Slider Caps – Thonk – DIY Synthesizer Kits & Components

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Those are the ones yes. I have them also on a 16n faderbank (needs a workaround to fit), the touch is really nice.

Is “in the family” within the scope of this thread?

Here’s the original RCA Theremin owned by my aunt (formerly my grandfather’s) and now on loan to the Museum of Making Music in SoCal. I have no idea if the museum lets it be played, but check out those vacuum tuuuuuuuuubes.


What better subject to try the supposedly good night mode of my new phone camera?


It’s cool that it’s a theramin, but something that size would be awesome if it were re-purposed as a small modular.

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