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How are you enjoying the Element interface? I’m curious about that one.



I’ve been happy with it so far. Great sounding preamps and inputs, lots of headroom, software gain control (a must have IMO). No frills, but does everything a good interface should do.

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Re-arranged :notes:


Another member of the Double JF Double Mangrove Club!

Crazily, I’m still toying with adding a second Cold Mac too.

One 3 Sisters seems adequate though for some reason.

I also see you’re an early adopter of the Intellijel 1U noise module. How do you like them?

…and aren’t those Quadratts just wonderful? :smile:

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Not sgnhh, but yes the Quadratt is wonderful and I got my noise module a little over a week ago. I think it was a really smart design decision to normal everything in a way where each “stage” is useful in a self-contained way, but you can patch external things in. I’ve had a lot of fun exploring the individual utilities. The only thing I’ve found myself wanting is for the slew to get into more glacial territories.

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yeah on the bottom row it’s actually 2x 3sisters … i had two mangroves in there but swapped them for akemie’s castle. two cold macs is solid, i have a second one floating that isn’t in a case.

the 1u noise module is good-- right now i get a lot of use out of it as the primary clock for rhythm sections and run the white noise as a snare. quadratt is totally A++, lots of functionality and frees up space in the rack.

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Bought a new long desk to help get my creative space right, it is much messier now that it’s in use, it was nice while it lasted though. Oh and I forgot to add that I found a minimal eq per my request in the minimal mixers thread, Sony MU E311. Has nice LED sliders, need to dig in more to it to work out if it was necessary.


Oops, I didn’t look closely!

How do you have your floating Cold Mac employed? In a small 42hp case?

EDIT for teh dumb: “small 42hp case?” As opposed to what? A large 42hp case? :rolling_eyes:

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Current workbench status.


Yes, paper. And it plays!


Which mixer is that. Mackie, right?


Yup! Onyx 820i, I’m a big fan of the FireWire features.

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Nice. Much appreciated. Interesting it’s got the two aux, when the Xenyx doesn’t until you get to the 1202.


yeah it’s just not in a rack, along with the 2x mangroves and the monome trilogy set. if i could somehow squeeze it in with akemie’s castle that’d be ideal, but i like akemie’s castle too much to move it out.


Cute keyboard. I’ve had a HHKB Lite Mac in the house for a few years, but just coughed up many £££ for a HHKB Pro 2 Type-S (such a daft name) for my new Linux computer.


Yeah I love it :slight_smile: I’ve had it for about 10 years or so, bought it in a little shop in Akihabara, hence the Japanese layout.

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new/next live setup. Not pictured, the Analog Four and RYTM that this is driving.


Can you tell me a little about those two mixers (white and black 4x4s)?


They’re Midi Fighters: http://www.midifighter.com/

:edit for correction:

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