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a few buchla knobs for my box project…


Been getting into modular recently, loving it – here are some stills from some recent videos I made:


this arrived today.


You are going to love it. Mine stays in good company…



That unit is genius! Didn’t know about it before, but just looked it up … would be cool to find one. That would basically mean, I’d have potentially … a zillion tape echos. Apart from the actual tape echos.


Rebooting my instagram. Follow at www.instagram.com/analogue01 if you don’t already. Will try to remember to post some of the gear-iest shots here, too :slight_smile:


I run live Sound for historic VZD’s in Oklahoma City. I’ve been needing to contribute more to lines.


this morning got a bit bonkers…


Rethinking my skiff…


Looks like I’m settled on a system for my Hamburg gig March 12.

These two systems will stand alone for a few pieces and then combine for a few more.



buchla 100 & piano duet as part of a special night of performances by friends and family on the eve of our wedding :slight_smile:


What are those cases? Look nice.


two monorocket mx104 cases is the sweet spot size for me!



My forever in progress setup.



So I performed music as part of a London Fashion Week runway show.

This shot from just before the fun started.


https://www.instagram.com/p/BQyp8sUh-i6/?taken-by=londonrawedge Do gifs work on here?


did some swapping but my setup is now in a pretty good spot. 4ch (2 stereo/2 mono) mixer and grid is off to the left.