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It’s a guitar party!


I see you’ve gone the upside down ansible to get the usb cable out the way route, right?

been thinking of requesting an alt face plate for that


No, I flipped it to get it to fit in the skiff. The power header was right in the same spot as the bus board header therefore was too thick to screw in. Typically I have it oriented correctly in my 6u case. But I do invert my walk and my rip because they are both in the top row and I want the 1/4" outputs to go out towards the back of the case.


Imrovised electronic jam with @mzero. Aalto runs nicely on the surface pro




thats a commodore 64 running synthcart. love the sound of the sid chip


let’s link up sounds of what’s in the 'pictures🙂


Sorry this took a million years!


third straight weekend of moving, so had to shed some needless weight.

organ: deconstructed.


#iseefaces!! Reminds me of http://www.toddmclellan.com/thingscomeapar


This thread has been my homepage for quite a few months now, so eventually I felt sharing a picture of my home workspace!


My studio is tiny and ergonomics are key. I use an old school tanker desk and when I decided I wanted to make the Monome the central hub of my new setup, I quickly realized that it would be helpful to have it on a tilt in front of me, along with the MIDI Fighter Twister for knobs. I have a friend who is a killer custom fabricator and made up some drawings for a ramp that would hold the Monome and the Twister at the proper angle. He knocked it out of the park. From the side it looks like a saw wave, which is a nice coincidence. He also did a plate that floats my keyboard off the desk, saving me some much needed knee space, because I am frankly too tall to be using a desk like this but love the desk. Thought you guys would dig.

This pic has the Monome running Control, which is amazing, using faders for controlling TrueVerb and Replika XT, as well as on / off toggles on the upper corners for each effect. Twister is running filter controls for a synth on the top 2 rows and controls for 2 different saturation VSTs on the bottom 2 rows, with push encoder toggles on and off. Great setup.


Thrift score of the day. Module basket! Good spot for em until I get a setup soon.



New York subway instructions, during recent trip


always liked this one! MTA can be pretty design-y at times



Where did you pick these up? They look like they are in good shape.


kelli has one, i believe the 4.2, which is super amazing. i used it once with batteries and it was perfect


Recently added 2nd Ansible & Arc. The idea is not to change anything for a year. . . Just write, record and study.


What’s your TT keyboard?