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I have co-workers that are from Sweden and visit regularly so I might conscript one of them to do some mule-ing for me.


Finally started some of the assembly/prep for a DIY project (with some very kind help from @okyeron on the software side of things).

This pill of bits will turn into a multi-user/multi-cast wireless haptic feedback system (for my dfscore system).



Pretty rough but a definite improvement on the cardboard box


Finally assembled the first of what I’m tentatively calling the 2018 community arc
clone batch (original clone design by @TheSlowGrowth) which I organised a parts group buy for in the past months. I’m really pleased with how it came out! The milled aluminium panels from Grawart are beautiful, and I broke my rule of “no more hand-made wooden knobs” but it was totally worth it. Now to see what sort of fun music I can make with it!


There is also this instrument https://youtu.be/LglHFgI2jLY


I love all the basslets, have you gotten any support from the Lofelt people?


absolutely beautiful, any plans for offering finished builds later?


I was in touch with the CEO who put me in touch with their edu/outreach person for buying a bunch of B-stock versions. Haven’t really needed to get in touch with them after that, but they were good about emails leading up to that (barring the super slow response from the CEO which is understandable).

*I got in touch with the CEO because someone put me in touch with him, not just out of the blue.


Thanks for making me aware this instrument exists! It sounds beautiful! It must be really fun playing a bowed string instrument without the struggle of intonation — it really opens up a lot of possibilities for chords and fast playing.


I went back to the other coast for an extended, month-long holiday break, and didn’t feel up to bringing my synth through airport security. We’ve been catching up.


Also thanks to @stripes for the inspiration for the square wooden case!!


Hmmm not really, especially as it wouldn’t end up costing much less (maybe even slightly more) than official arcs, for what is an objectively worse product (hand soldered vs machine soldered.) I might consider making sets of wooden arc knobs for people, but even that would be surprisingly expensive because they’re a pain and I don’t really like making them, hence the “no more wooden knobs” rule :wink:


Norns / ER-301 micro system
16n is controlling both the 301 and MLR


This picture makes me so excited for my 16n!


A friend who has moved out of Porto (and is an amazing sculptor/smith) has left some of his instruments with me for the time being.

The big stainless gong in particular is epic sounding.

The octopus looking one is meant to mount onto a tree stump so you get the resonance of the tree as well.

It’s crazy how different they all sound too. (If I’m not mistaken there’s stainless steel, B20, B8, and nickel silver in this picture)


First time I’ve remembered to take a photo of my set up at a show in… forever…


DIY box operational :slight_smile: not the greatest piece of carpentry but whatever


Do you find it handy having the cold mac next to maths? U assume you’re sending cv from maths to coldmac to control audio also fed into mac?


I actually didn’t consider that when putting my modules in the case! I knew I did not want to have an order that implied a signal flow (e.g. Mangrove is as far away as possible from my sequencers), and I wanted to break up my largest modules, Teletype, Maths and Just Friends, with smaller ones.

The patch I’ve been slowly developing this month so far uses Maths as an offset, an attenuverter and a very slow, subtle LFO. the LFO is sent to Cold Mac’s survey.


That’s a cool way to provide creative thinking for sure, thanks for your reply. That certainly gives me food for thought on how to look at patching, I have to admit I fell in the trap of thinking/looking at a modular case plan as the same flow as when I to used a synth keyboard.