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ive found that standard postcards fit really well as blanks in the past. it can really add inspiration and beauty to a case!


There are some heart-stopping pictures in this thread! :yum:
Here’s my setup for today, got the synthvoice this week and still learning its capabilities.


Loving the brick speaker stands.


Yeah they actually work very well for separation from the desk :+1:t2:


Getting some lovely winter sunsets here in Ottawa.


Didn’t realize that’s where you were located. My best friend lives there, so I’ve been there a bunch. I grew up in St. John’s, lived in Toronto for 10+ years, and now live in Seattle. I’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for Ottawa. Kind of a sleepy town, but I’m into that. :smiley:

Edit: Speaking of locations, and sticking with the Pictures theme… it’s hard not to get inspired in the forests outside Seattle. Temperate rainforest ambience is the best! :slight_smile: Shot this while doing some scouting for a new mountain bike trail.


Is Peter making these in a new run? Or did you get it custom built? (Looks beautiful, by the way. Can’t wait to see/hear it in action.)


Nice setup. I have the same fostex multitracker. How do you like the Bugbrand synth?


He has them available for purchase on his webpage, so I imagine he builds them to order.

I did message him ahead of time since I was going to be in the US for a limited window of time, to see if it was possible to order one, and it turned out it was!


I’m in love! I have owned most models of his weevils throughout the years and always lusted after his modular and red creations since he started making them, I decided a month ago sell all the £100-£300 synths and some Fx that I own and take the plunge with the synthvoice and boy was that the right decision! It’s crazy powerful, the filters are really unique to my ears though if I had to compare they remind me most of a Korg monopoly. Ive never had a synth with v/oct CV (crazy right?) so that is a REAL treat for me. Planning on picking up a chirper and pt delay to go with this, I also have a metalbox matrix mixer and future sound systems convulsion generator coming in to accompany. Also on the lookout for any and everything else drm1/spring tanker etc!
I’m in the process of modifying a boardweevil2012 to be a larger standalone bananajack synth too. Ive gone bug mad!


Thanks for the info. It seems like a very well thought out synth voice.


your work is so inspirational! as a photographer and ambient electronic musician, your work really drives me to be my best.


To be honest I only really know noise synths (weevils, drone commander, tetrax etc) and older keyboard synths like Yamaha cs15, Korg monopoly, moog prodigy, Roland sh101 etc. This is my first foray into something so wholly controllable, the very notion of designing a signal flow and being able to alter the architecture in so many ways has been revelatory for me, let alone using envelope generators as oscillators, lpf’s as glide/slew or envelope generators, hpf’s as gates, vca’s as ring mods…
Ive never had eurorack so can’t comment to compare really but I always liked the idea of a single
manufacturer system, and banana jacks!
Always wanted to try that vermona perfourmer you’ve got!


Cleaned up my desk and the light was streaming in through the window nicely, so I snapped a few shots of my music / video games / bikes (/ sometimes work) space.


What’s the thing right under the monitor? Looks like a control surface or something under a lid?


That would be a Push with a decksaver on it I’d say


Well wow, didn’t know about them, very cool!


That’s the one! Keeps the dust and cat fur/barf off of things. :wink: There’s one on the MS-20 Mini, also.


I finally broke down and picked up one for the ms-20 mini too. Glad I did but damn they’re expensive pieces of slumped acrylic


About Notating Patches Visually: Speaking of //// pictures //// … I’ve spoken with several of you already about this topic, and I wanna spread the net wider. I’m researching an article on how people visually notate their patches. If you do notate your patches visually — with drawings especially, but also charts or annotated photographs, etc. — I’d love to converse with you about it, and potentially include examples in my article. Shoot me an email at marc@disquiet.com. I’ve spoken and corresponded with a heap of folks on it, but I continue to dig deeper. Thanks.

And two side notes: (1) I do know about the prior thread on llllllll.co on this topic, and that led to some good conversations, and (2) I have spoken with lots of folks who don’t annotate their patches, so I’ve got that aspect covered.