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Who makes the desk you use?


My girlfriend asked me some time ago what my favorite module was. Today I got a package from her best friend from high school (who’s been studying graphic design for 4 years) containing this pin


Super fancy… It’s the Linmon line from Ikea!



Moved things around so the music desk could be an actual desk for an upcoming snow day.

This living room set up is a lot of fun!


Nice. Is that some Ikea holding it all together?


Yeah, not fancy but hopefully functional. I actually just moved and now am looking for some makeshift studio furniture. Some of the Ikea hacks people have posted online are interesting. Anything particularly positive/negative you can say about the Linmon?


Nothing negative that couldn’t be said about any similar cost desk surface, I suppose. The glossy finish looks great when it’s clean, but it definitely shows any smudges/etc really easily. That said, maybe that encourages me to keep things clean. Also the finish is definitely not very durable. I have a bunch of little spots where I’ve punctured it, and then moisture of some sort has gotten in and caused it to bulge. But, you know, for the price I got a LOT of surface area!


It is—an expedit 2x4

Edit: the tapes are some molding meant for the floor-wall corners. Perfect depth–haven’t had any fall and it was a super cheap project!


“Non c’è due senza tre” as we say in Italy.
And here’s my third Biscuit :grinning:


Mounted my rack in an 80s Samsonite hardcase. Now waiting to pick up ansible, and fit some DIY modules. And consider power supply!!!

Lacks a bit of finesse, but I am no carpenter :rofl:


Finally bothered to create an account just to tell you how envious I am; beautiful pictures of a beautiful machine!


You’re the guy who bought @danielrdehaan’s Braids module? I was the guy who came in shortly before you left to buy Daniel’s Quad VCF/VCA. Glad to see you made it to the forum. I’ve only been posting here for a couple of months, but all of my recent module purchases (LxD, A-143-9, Quad VCF/VCA, and Telharmonic) have been from the Trade section here and I couldn’t be happier with the luck I’ve had thus far.


oh nice! and yes that was me! i built the case shortly after we met. he turned me on to the forum when we met, i LOVE it here.


Thank you!
Yeah it’s really nice :sunglasses:


Ah amazing! If you’re ever in town feel free to hit me up. I’m new to the region, having grown up most of my life in London – definitely a very different kind of city. I’m loving all of the nature and more relaxed feel for sure. And some great experimental music nights too!


LOVE the cassette tape display! :heart_eyes:




Finally made a video of this setup. Just to reiterate,
the app on the left let’s me make asynchronous loops. the portable turntable has a serato 7” that lets me scratch those loops. on the right is samplr. both running on thru tracks in the ot