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oooo what is thisssss


prgm ios app

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Just saw this…


Finally managed to settle down for a bit.
My music corner in the new place.


A pair of pics from the record session for my band.
Not pictured my guitar, a Fender Esquire.

And here’s my first “perfect” tape loop (no gaps).
Thanks to Tapeline.uk and a piece of adhesive tape over the erase head of my cassette deck.


Brought some merch to yesterday’s gig…


Yesterday’s gig at CHOPPA festival in Singapore.


this was a very good show. so glad I could make it.


clouds off the cloud


Thanks @whitenoises for your answers, and sorry for my delayed reply!

The 2,5" depth might be a little tight if I add a regular power supply (whatever this could mean) so a little deeper wouldn’t hurt.

The weight is OK, and of course if you’re open to customised designs (i.e. without lid and handle) then I’m still interested.

Please keep us informed when you have news about these cases!


Took a sick day so I could spend some time with these two…


What’s the black box that those cable appear to be plugged into?


It’s the lid to the case (http://nonomodular.com/rover-1-60/). The lid has a piezo pickup in each of the black pads. Today, I used them to trigger Just Friends and send envelopes to each mangrove’s formant jack. Extremely fun and playable! I’m gonna drop a link to my sketches from today in Latest tracks + videos.


LOVE that little setup!


My goal was to be able to write, jam and record a track on my kitchen table. Worked out really well.


Will do! And yes, will be up for doing custom cases :slight_smile:


trying a different “minimal” set up:


what does that sound like?


just started exploring it, here is one example: https://www.instagram.com/p/BeuNadSg_mn


Not great pic from a 2014 live: