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A picture of the Frap Tools Fumana

A picture of my performance system with the Fumana

A video of me playing with that system yesterday, at the launch of Powwow in Italy. All the sounds (except for the percussions which are a bass drum plus Erbe-verb ticks) come from the DPO filtered by the Fumana, or sometimes the DPO raw.

(if it doesn’t take you there automatically, my part starts around the 22 minutes mark)

Verbos Bark Filter Processor

the last patch for today’s disquiet entry (minus power and output cables - all of that had to stay in the other room)


Mixing for my set on radio.computer


Played a lovely little improvised house set last night with my bro’s Ben Evans off of Captain Cat and the Sailors, and Andy Hunter, off of Andy Hunter.


DIY-ing passive attenuators. The pots arrived. Gold tops for bling! :grin:


What mixer is this???


I think its a mackie 802 vlz4


Thanks. It is indeed!


Whoaa, these pics are incredible. Can you share more about this project?


twentieth century headphones


AKG K240? Or some other AKG?

I’ve had K240 Studios for 10+ years, they’re great!


Excited to get these built!


Beaux Arts de Paris


Are they playing chess? looks like a production of the Seventh Seal.


Now there’s a performance model!


Didn’t actually think about that, it does give that vibe. Sadly no chess game going on, have my 6U on the floor.

It was a reimagining of " La Llorona " by Chavela Vargas

Lasted about 15 minutes.


Quite the couple!


Looks interesting. What’s the synth?? box? is the pedal the dist/reverb one?


The synth is the grackler from Martin Freeman/Mroztronium. The pedal is RM-1N from Industrialelectric — dist+reverb, yes. They’re both great!