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Pretty fun group sequenced by BSP slaving MI Grids slaving Kria. Arc to Arc Rhythm Generator M4L playing 909 kit. Ableton slaved to BSP. I find the BSP to be really a user friendly hub for lots of things. Versatile. Mixing with tiny Rolls mixers Passive and Powered.
sound sources:
Synthino XM
909 kit


New member to the studio.


Would love to hear this combo if you have any recordings up anywhere?!


I’ve been recording loads of stuff this weekend with this setup + a modulated delay. I’ll put some stuff up at my bandcamp when it’s ready!


ace! let me know when it’s there please :grin:


Here’s my banana troupe atm. Really happy with the variety of sounds I can achieve with this all analog (minus the radio music module) beauty!


C-1 tape player it’s just arrived!


After a particularly inspiring trip to a food court to eat Taco Bell (a ritual for @Angela and I when we both lived in Manchester) I got inspired to work on some modular stuff for the gig I’m doing with @tehn and @Angela in a couple of weeks.

And after playing with it some more today (sadly, sans 'Bell), I got a nice setup going with my BopPad.


been a long time since I’ve stopped by! here’s my euro system as it stands. I focus on droney things ala Paul Kelday or Andre Stordeur as of late.



Another shot of this ridiculously fun setup. And yes, I like my cables strewn all over the place. :sweat_smile:


My space. Just finished building the desk to get everything off my kitchen counter. Only a few HP left and my rack will be complete!


Is that the Lyra 8 near the Grackler? How do you like it?


So much :heart_eyes: for this setup



The two big cases really look like grumpy faces in that photo :slight_smile:
Pareidolia of the day…


Yes, it’s the Lyra-8. I’ve had it for a while now, like it! But got a bit uninspired with it, until I recently re-discovered using it in new ways.

Sending tape loops through the ext in/effects processor. Double modulated delay, distortion/feedback. Good clean fun! Here’s a recent track using it in that way:


Yes! I noticed that too!
They are my two “wise men”.
(Damn, why do those have to be “men” though?
Two Elders!)


That track is excellent! There’s something very “rough” about the sounds which is what drew me to the Lyra-8 from the various demos I’ve listened to. Clever use of the effects too, very interesting.


Thanks! @LLK :slight_smile:

Copped some new nana’s