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Freshly modded case to make room for the sound computer:


Thanks. I just take them in my music studio between working on projects.


heres a pic of me at the w.o.w. hall in eugene last night! it was lots of fun. the album leaf puts on a great show, theyre playing tonight in portland too! picture by good fren joshua: https://www.instagram.com/entresolpnw/?hl=en

taller table needed badly


I played a 2-hour set like this and felt it in my back for like 2 days afterwards. Hope you don’t have to deal with that the next few days!


2 hours, goodness! this was more like 20 minutes.


running through the set, for a private party k-blamo show later this week :slightly_smiling_face: (dj64)


Ol’ dj64 is still running! Good to see.


From before and during the gig last night with @Angela and @tehn.


Would love to hear the after!


these are my favorite smiles


\ new setup \

/ new possibilities /


This is good…


I think you helped snowball the personal hype train that led me to get this earlier than planned!


Glad I could serve as an enabler.


even more possibilities when you plug the interface in!


Darnit, I knew it wasn’t just a driver problem…


Ugly presets making


Fun times ahead!

…fun times had!


What case is that? 20chars


It’s the MECHANISM case.