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Will be curious to hear how you get on with it. Interested but not ready to pull the trigger yet!


That rainbow power ribbon. Should be euro standard! :rainbow::rainbow::rainbow:


Will try and report back. Clarification: That’s actually not my picture or cat above, but I in fact took delivery of a MECHANISM case as well a few days ago. It’s lovely.


So far it’s a lot of fun — i find the dual mini joy sticks are great — the motion is a little swampy in the extremes, as if it’s surrounded with bearings and somtimes you have to ‘push through them’ to get the stick to the edges. It has not been a problem though and it doesnt really bother me. I’m curious if yours are the same though @myecholalia.

Like with any case, I am always wishing it was just 4hp more. :blush:


That is not your cat? How disappointing :joy:


wow that case… i am highly interested in that


What are those Qu-Bit modules?! They’re not on their site…


It’s the tri-ger module :blush:


Yep, thats them. Its a very cool module, but has some inherit problems following clocks — if you can afford it to be the master clock, then its very fun!


(they’re discontinued, I believe.)


For the case, the utility row is awesome — one thing I miss is that non of the lfos can be used in a one-shot mode like the pulp logic Cyclic-skew can. So you cant use them for envs in that way. Cant have it all tho! :money_mouth_face:


The bug system is growing nicely :blush:. Restricting myself to two rows to fit in this case is fun, every time I take it out I consider designing a new instrument and workflow. Still haven’t nailed it but this feels pretty close!


I saw them pop up on signal sounds this week actually: https://www.signalsounds.com/qu-bit-electronix-tri-ger-eurorack-sequencer-module not sure if it’s just old stock or what.



Moving around the grackler and the double knot…

Here, befriending each other :sweat_smile:


cables, chloe


Wow, grackler is a bit smaller than I imagined. That kind of makes it more awesome.


Grendel Drone Commander classic pedal :sunglasses:


when did eric start making these as pedals???


A little while before christmas I think? It’s been a good few months now for sure.