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What case is that? 20chars


It’s the MECHANISM case.



Will be curious to hear how you get on with it. Interested but not ready to pull the trigger yet!


That rainbow power ribbon. Should be euro standard! :rainbow::rainbow::rainbow:


Will try and report back. Clarification: That’s actually not my picture or cat above, but I in fact took delivery of a MECHANISM case as well a few days ago. It’s lovely.


So far it’s a lot of fun — i find the dual mini joy sticks are great — the motion is a little swampy in the extremes, as if it’s surrounded with bearings and somtimes you have to ‘push through them’ to get the stick to the edges. It has not been a problem though and it doesnt really bother me. I’m curious if yours are the same though @myecholalia.

Like with any case, I am always wishing it was just 4hp more. :blush:


That is not your cat? How disappointing :joy:


wow that case… i am highly interested in that


What are those Qu-Bit modules?! They’re not on their site…


It’s the tri-ger module :blush:


Yep, thats them. Its a very cool module, but has some inherit problems following clocks — if you can afford it to be the master clock, then its very fun!


(they’re discontinued, I believe.)


For the case, the utility row is awesome — one thing I miss is that non of the lfos can be used in a one-shot mode like the pulp logic Cyclic-skew can. So you cant use them for envs in that way. Cant have it all tho! :money_mouth_face:


The bug system is growing nicely :blush:. Restricting myself to two rows to fit in this case is fun, every time I take it out I consider designing a new instrument and workflow. Still haven’t nailed it but this feels pretty close!


I saw them pop up on signal sounds this week actually: https://www.signalsounds.com/qu-bit-electronix-tri-ger-eurorack-sequencer-module not sure if it’s just old stock or what.



Moving around the grackler and the double knot…

Here, befriending each other :sweat_smile:


cables, chloe


Wow, grackler is a bit smaller than I imagined. That kind of makes it more awesome.


Grendel Drone Commander classic pedal :sunglasses: