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Very nice microphones!


He announced it last summer, it’s relatively new.
I had the original ammo can but this one has the sound plus a better form factor (especially for the lack of space on my desk).
The pedal format is tempting me to use it on my guitar setup…


what’s going on in that max patch? :heart_eyes:



How are you liking that Jove? Ever since I saw the Mylar Melodies post on it, I’ve had an eye on it, along with the SEM filter and Ripples.


It’s an amazing filter, get one! And best of all it’s open source.
Ripples as well it’s very very nice, but I use it mostly as a vco.


Just arrived


Took this pic for a thread on another forum, thought you guys might appreciate. My current field recording kit:


The current system


super jealous of those cartesian system black-panels :heart_eyes: didn’t get along with the telharmonic?


Nope, didn’t gel with it at all. Funny though, it was the biggest reason I chose to get the Cartesian. Goes to show you don’t know till you try. I turned it and a few Eowave modules into the Teletype.


It’s just electric Dharma wheels lol, I opened it up so it would look like I know what I’m doing :tipping_hand_woman:. Working on some patches now though!


what’s the module top center?


Twenty characters of lulz


Another band that shares our practice space had put up some cool lights, and I was the first to practice so I decided to set things up for a pic


Looks like DEP2b, or something else by Gieskes…? @scanner_darkly


What’s the mic? Am I guessing right that there’s an x/y under there?


Rode NT4 which is indeed an x/y configuration. The 2 omnis are DPAs.


Rearranged some things.


yep, @slopstream is correct, it’s gieskes dep2b module (also see the description here). one of my desert island modules, it can be a simple lofi delay but it can do some really interesting tricks (there is a mode where it works sort of like pitch shifting arpeggiator). it’s great for adding that lofi texture.

i have the module version but it was also available in pedal format. if you have er-301 @Julian_Edwardes posted a custom unit inspired by dep2b on orthogonal devices forum (i need to find the time to try it!).