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Rearranged some things.


yep, @slopstream is correct, it’s gieskes dep2b module (also see the description here). one of my desert island modules, it can be a simple lofi delay but it can do some really interesting tricks (there is a mode where it works sort of like pitch shifting arpeggiator). it’s great for adding that lofi texture.

i have the module version but it was also available in pedal format. if you have er-301 @Julian_Edwardes posted a custom unit inspired by dep2b on orthogonal devices forum (i need to find the time to try it!).


Oh that module looks amazing, I have to email gieskies, love his stuff.


i don’t think he makes them anymore but might be worth asking. they do come up for sale occasionally (which is how i got mine).


Had a synth buddy today. :smiley_cat:


I’ve lived a deeply emotional experience the past few months making my first steps with cello. It’s been a bit surreal doing what seemed like a fantasy — both in the sense that it’s been extremely liberating, but also that it’s been scary contemplating wether this was a realistic thing to do or not, wether it was an ideal I was after. I figured I loved the learning process and the sound. Two weeks ago I made another step in this direction and bought an instrument I’m in love with.


Really cool… Awesome that you had the confidence to go all in. I bought a cheap violin 6 months ago, figured I’d just learn it over a period of years while my ears get better as I play guitar and piano every day. I’ve already been capable of doing more with it than I thought I’d be able to though (and not to mention that when creating minimalist music just tuning the open strings can get you farther then you’d think).


That’s a good looking instrument but all I can see is what looks like a nice house with lots of space… :slight_smile:

I want one of these (not easy when living in a huge city, though)…


Sunday setup:


I did a set of mutant techno with a buddy who got some great sounds from a Double Knot. I’ve avoided knowing anything beyond that experience because temptation :slight_smile:


Space and light are really nice things to have. I know what you mean — this is my mother’s house, I actually live in a single room apartment a few times smaller than this piece.


Please share if you have any recordings of that set! :slight_smile:

It’s a very cool device, great as cv-source… but not as versatile as I imagined. Haven’t delved into fully, though. Looking forward to explore it further


Quick glamour shot of my first modular system! After grabbing the STO, I’ve decided to hold off on expanding the skiff for a bit while I discover what my pain points/needs are.




house plant / eurorack glamour pics


plants + modular = :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


I got into modular. This thing is super fun :new_moon_with_face:


First jam with the PB, and friends.


Looks awesome!

What’s the unit above the grackler?


That’s the Macumbista Benjolin V4!

Here’s an excerpt from the jam: