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This is fabulous and inspiring. More than 35 years ago, I was a viola performance major. Coming back to music in my late 40s (now my 50s), I’m looking for ways to include my viola into my electronic music. Follow that passion! <3 <3 <3


Thanks Chris. The pad is done with the yamaha reface dx, quite a capable fm-synth despite it’s size. Also, the meris poly moon adds a lot of character


Here is the latest modular rig. Pic taken a couple days ago and I’ve already changed things around. LOL!


Started my journey to Serge by building my power supply. Next up the NTO.




Nice and clean setup.
Love the art on the walls, where can I find them?


Just spent a solid amount of time over the last two weekends re-arranging the studio. I finally feel like I can balance experimentation, jamming, composing, recording…feels great.


I love the dual use of the lamp for the tape loop!


Setting up a tape loop around a cluttered desk – always the best part of the process :slight_smile:


so much wonderful light


I can practically hear the peacefulness~
What’s your setup? Is that an older Zoom H4 I spy?


It was very peaceful. Not a lot of sounds to capture!
It’s an old H4n indeed, with a rode nt2a in cardioid mode. I’m pretty happy with the stereo image!


So jealous of those windows. I have a beautiful view of a…wall.


just to the left of the image is a Crank Sturgeon Shake & Bark and several pedals for, uh, “textures”. i have a Tascam 424 arriving in the mail soon as well. looks like i’m going to need a bigger table.


Oh I know that feeling…



The final missing piece finally arrived, so I put my shruthi XT back together with its shiny new walnut panel! Better photos coming later when the sun is out again.



Thank you! They’re cheap El Lissitzky prints in even cheaper frames from Amazon :sweat_smile:


Adding a wet signal output to an EHX Freeze pedal makes it an infinitely more useful pedal. Couldn’t work out a satisfactory method of getting a return, but I’m not that worried about needing to use a second input on my mixer for it