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nice setup! I was honestly surprised at how much they changed the space up for me.


I hope a picture of me in my slippers isn’t too off-topic.


Nice Frap Tools mixer! Love their modules and cases.


@MatthewAshmore @ellips_s the plants look great but I would worry I’d spill water on my gear at some point when looking after them…but maybe I’m more clumsy than you both


New layout for the mini-system. Cold Mac will soon complete the Mannequins row.


Nice and focused set up!


What about microcassette?


What case is that? Twenty characters…


It’s a Grau Modular Pocket Case. 2x 51hp.


It’s a rainy weekend, having some downtime at my parents’ with this portable guitar studio.



is that the MKII Future Retro? is it the bees knees?


Dude. This bee is knee deep


hotel room.


Super cool setup! have a soundcloud?


Getting ready for a show in London on Tuesday


Is that a Boss DSD-2 (or 3, same pedal except for the number) ?
These things works pretty well with a modular with their trigger input…


@oscillateur That’s the one. The trigger input is indeed handy though I must admit I rarely use it. Must experiment more with irregular triggers…


Live setup from a few years back.


god, this is such a nice little system. makes me really revaluate 208HP of stuff and wonder why I can’t get to something so focused.