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Live setup from a few years back.


god, this is such a nice little system. makes me really revaluate 208HP of stuff and wonder why I can’t get to something so focused.


Thanks. But I have a way bigger case, as well. Both have their advantages.


thanks! no sc but i do have ig:


This is my current studio space. The fisheye makes it look deceivingly big, but it’s actually just a tiny alcove in my kitchen, so things need to get moved about a lot, depending on what I am doing. To the left is a rack of shelves where I keep gear that isn’t currently being made use of (my Monome 256 is sitting there!)

I dream of having a dedicated room at some point, preferably with some natural light.


Vermona envy incoming


They make some awesome stuff. I’ve got the DRM (racked), the Vermona Kick, and just got the Perfourmer… the Kick was the gateway drug.


Yeah, I’ve already got the vermona kick, because, well, untz.


I remember initially thinking: “£100 just for a KICK sound?!”

How wrong I was.


my lovely wife designed and had a friend make this little stand for my birthday. perfect for playing on the floor (without killing my back/knees lol).


When I got home today, I found my partner fully immersed in the wonderful world of Plumbutter. :heart:


…and the curious cosmos of micro cassettes.


Very happy (and a bit silly) about my new Digitone.


love it! :upside_down_face:


Played at Ambience Chasers in London last night.

Happy to report that the W/ behaved itself!!


I can confirm this was very good indeed.


One last rehearsal before tomorrow’s gig in Helsinki with @philmaguire and Megan Steinberg.

The set is about 2/3 samples manipulated live through the modular (rockbox iPod, Radio Music and g0 being the sample players) and 1/3 loops played back (with some send FX) by the Zoom R24.


Woah! The sci-fi/cyberpunk vibes!


so gutted i missed this :frowning:


Cold Mac arrived today ‘completing’ my planned skiff, excited to see what it can do with the O+C!