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Very nice setup. What is the little knobby device next to the computer?



It’s an Axoloti


Ahh, that‘s what they look like :slight_smile: Thanks.


Getting some modules done.


With a Axo Control on top: http://musicthing.co.uk/pages/axo.html



Having a lot of fun with this little mangler :slight_smile:


Completed my 9U with addition of Tetrapad.


Wow I have some envy for this. Have any recordings?


This from a gig a month back or so. I’ve since sold the Verbos and replaced the Rene with the TSNM and a Prizma+


Inspired by Hainbach: Two tapes running the same sounds, slightly out of sync, in stereo. Good fun to fill up a C-10 tape with sketches, riffs, bits and ideas, then dump to another tape and put them both at half-speed to see what you can get.


Do you have a link to some of the results? I love the elegantly simple process.


A sound installation I’m exhibiting in Edinburgh for the next few days.


Thank you! No links or anything uploaded at the moment- I haven’t gone into my Zoom to mine the recordings yet. I tend to make stuff in a flurry and then sit on it and let the material germinate for a few days/weeks. If I use anything in a track, I’ll let you know!


bless this mess.


Dat sp1200 tho.



(Studio time today!)


i should use that more with modular stuff. i use the sp1200 mainly with my other project, montgomery word .

modular is kinda all-encompassing. i have integrated sp404/digitakt with it well tho thanks 2 shuttle control!


come for the sp1200, stay for the emax