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Testify! I’d love an explanation for this. Is this a continued decline from the MP3 and streaming audio? Is it a perversion of the vintage/lo-fi hipster trend? Please… Someone explain (before I pull my Nakamichi from the garage)!


I like the physicality of tape loops and the lofi trash sound from them. I like that I can edit tape with just a pair of scissors and some sticky tape.

I just released an album on cassette for the first time, and mostly that was about cost, a small run of tapes is a lot cheaper than vinyl and it feels odd releasing music made on tapes on CD



Very nice setup. What is the little knobby device next to the computer?



It’s an Axoloti


Ahh, that‘s what they look like :slight_smile: Thanks.


Getting some modules done.


With a Axo Control on top: http://musicthing.co.uk/pages/axo.html



Having a lot of fun with this little mangler :slight_smile:


Completed my 9U with addition of Tetrapad.


Wow I have some envy for this. Have any recordings?


This from a gig a month back or so. I’ve since sold the Verbos and replaced the Rene with the TSNM and a Prizma+


Inspired by Hainbach: Two tapes running the same sounds, slightly out of sync, in stereo. Good fun to fill up a C-10 tape with sketches, riffs, bits and ideas, then dump to another tape and put them both at half-speed to see what you can get.


Do you have a link to some of the results? I love the elegantly simple process.


A sound installation I’m exhibiting in Edinburgh for the next few days.


Thank you! No links or anything uploaded at the moment- I haven’t gone into my Zoom to mine the recordings yet. I tend to make stuff in a flurry and then sit on it and let the material germinate for a few days/weeks. If I use anything in a track, I’ll let you know!


bless this mess.


Dat sp1200 tho.



(Studio time today!)