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how are you liking the fumana?


I am only beginning to explore it. Enjoying it so far. I was always considering some sort of vocoding setup, and this one seemed like good offer in that regard, that also had flexibility and range of other possible applications. It also doesn’t hurt that the thing is just beautiful, and sounds awesome. :ok_hand::smile:


New knob :sunny:


Breaking my several month hiatus because @jonsimon is here now, hey yo!!


@murray hey buddy!!! i finally got a monome again!!!


back in the saddle, i dig it! i’m a human again, so expect a knock on the cellphone :wink:


Picked up this Akai 4000d from @ehg yesterday and after a pretty thorough clean inside it’s just about come back to life! Obviously the first thing I had to do was get it patched up as a tape delay…

signal > rosie A
rosie sends > tape input
tape output > rosie return
rosie output > rosie B (through attenuator to control feedback)
rosie output (mult) > speakers


Just got some modules rearranged and cables managed a bit better.


(Muta Jovis will go in the top row in place of the blank)



(Mimetic Digitalis will replace the blank next to Teletype; Field Kit FX will replace the blanks on the lower right; top row will probably get an ER-301 and I don’t know what else yet – FH-1 or a couple of Shades/Triatts or Tetrapad or…?)
Above this I’ve got a shelf waiting for a Behringer Neutron.


Oh man, that looks amazing! Half of me is feeling very glad it’s getting the use it deserves, half of me’s sad to have let it go! Hope it serves you well.


mmmm vintage samplerrrrrs (obviously referring to the Boss Dr Samples)


Hey what keyboard is that? Looks like it would fit my Organelle


This is the keyboard that ships with Teletype.



Aaaaaah! I THOUGHT I had seen it before on this forum haha!


Sony Walkman wm-d6c



Hey @madeinspace how are you finding that tetrapad? I’ve been looking at it for a small system but I’m worried it might be wasted on a case with only 1 or 2 voices. Do you find yourself using all the modes?


Since joining the community a few weeks ago, I’ve been really inspired to whittle things down, make some drastic changes and focus on a mostly Mannequins/Monome setup. Here’s the work-in-progress:

The Teletype/Tetrapad combo has really opened up my system, and I’m excited about Just Type. Fingers crossed I can put an ER-301 in the empty spot sometime soon…


Hey @Olivier nice setup you’ve got there. Same question to you as the one above, how are you using/ liking the tetrapad in that setup? Are you finding uses for most of the modes? Making use of it for chord stuff? That’s very similar to the system I’m running, and loving, at the moment? I was also looking at the mixpre3 for field duties, are you using it mostly to record modular?


Here’s a mysterious part of an instrument I just finished, which will be picked up by its new owner tomorrow: