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Dog sitting sessions.
Anyone else have animals that freak out when you are in your own world wearing headphones?


Mine just curls up behind me and snores.


I moved into a new space and now I’ve got a dedicated workspace!

It’s a slight modification from working on the floor (which is what I love). This keeps everything at the same level as it was before, but adds a nice cushion and leg strain relief when needed! + I get to hang out under a nice norfolk canopy :evergreen_tree:


hidden world



Bamboo flutes <3

20 characters <3


It’s finally spring in Minnesota


nice! how are you powering this?


Long Extension cable from a cabin


My Gig yesterday.


My Gig today.



Where was this simeon?


One in the Gwdihw in Cardiff, one in the Taliesin in Swansea.



Exhibiting my acoustic/electric/electronic gurdy and DIY Shruthi XT (with a Zoom H6 in between for portable mixing) at the Mazurki Festival Tagowisko Instrumentow in Warsaw.


Me tryna do a Marcus Fischer flat lay


Genuinely thought it was at first, so good job!


Unofficial “take your rig to work” day for me since my MMG arrived this morning and I had time to completely rearrange my setup while working in the office today.


trying to find new ways of getting a more portable setup. which also means slimming it down a bit. excited about this direction :slight_smile: