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having a blast with old friends


@emenel @philmaguire

that’s right - the macumbista benjolin (v4), the other one is a vtol garmonbozia. an excellent piece of gear :slight_smile:


Treated myself to a SoftPop :slight_smile:


oooh, enjoy! it’s a little beast


I love the paper they use to wrap their stuff in!


hey, might I ask you how deep is that enclosure?
I’m planning to build one!


field trip to the big tujunga dam today.


@David_Rothbaum Do you bring along an amp or just play over headphones? Would be fun to hear some location recordings with your synth in situ.


Field Recording in a semi recent burned stand of ponderosa pines in central Oregon. Mikes positioned between two adolescent manzanitas, front of board, so to speak. I had hoped to capture some woodpecker drumming but had to settle for some light pecking, various flycatchers, and the gentle creaking of the trees as the wind passed through the stand.



Can we start a new meme of “This thread is worthless without wavs”? I wanna hear that burned out forest so bad! :slight_smile:

ps. “worthless” is WAY more strong of a word here than I want, I’m just going with a modified version of “This thread is worthless without pictures”


so far just headphones but i would like to have some mics to set-up as well to capture the environment.


You’re absolutely right, I always want to hear a file when I see such pictures. I’ll put something together soon. But be warned: I was lazy that day and arrived at the spot in the middle of the afternoon on a Saturday, so it’s a pretty mediocre capture, with little bird song and a ton of airplane flybys. But I’ll give it a go and throw together something.

Edit: Sample added via soundcloud. See above.


Short performance in my Dad’s amazing building/community project. Huge space made out of recycled and found materials (and some insane creative and interactive details and features).


post norns purchase downsizing.


how do you like it? i borrowed one for a day and surprisingly did some lovely drones with it. cool piece of gear!


enjoying it so far! having a lot of fun cross patching it with Kastle 1.5’s noise mode :smiley:


WOW an MPC60 (the best) and a Drumulator!


sp1200, not drumulator…


This is my studio.


Little handmade 42hp case. Plenty left to learn, woodwork wise.