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my last performance as a college student (on graduation day no less!) was last night at the boston musuem of fine arts


after pondering various portable cases options i ended up going the diy route.
The result is far from perfect but given my woodworking skills and the absence of any other power tools than a drill, i’m rather happy with the result.
I wanted a shallow case for it to be comfortable on my desk, and a deep lid to allow vertically putting stuff like a grid, a keyboard, patch cables and power brick in the compartment on the right. There is room for 7Ux84hp of modules, while keeping the thing light enough to carry.
I side-mounted the power module to spare 5hp and minimize unwanted encounters with the power button.


Lovely! Looking at making something like this soon. Any plans for a tutorial?


My approach was:

  • Buy pre-cut 42hp rails with threaded inserts
  • Assemble into rectangle
  • cut some old MDF - maybe 10mm thick - to size. Try to do it really precisely, realise you don’t know how.
  • try to glue and nail together
  • realise that splits the MDF, so drill holes and screw
  • realise this means you have screw heads all over the front of the case
  • chuck on some eggshell paint
  • try to design a new version of my USB power supply
  • when that doesn’t work at all, put in a 4ms row power

If I was doing it again, I’d plan a bit more, allow a bit more space around the rails - build a box they’ll fit in, vs trying to build a box onto them.


That sounds like how my woodwork projects go, only I have a few extra steps were I swear a lot and lose my temper.


Great pics! Congratulations!


Great, thanks! Did you mount the row power into the side of the case?


I drilled a hole for the power jack, wired & soldered that to the spare solder points on the Row Power PCB. The Row Power busboard is exactly 42hp long - although I had to put it in at an angle to make space for the W/ pcb which is the deepest in this case.

I then used a very effective and structually-sound method to attach the Row power module into to the bottom of the box, alongside the rails, under the modules.

It was definitely not a few blobs of Blu-tac. Definitely nothing like that.


looks beautiful! i also have very minimal woodworking skills and recently built a 7Ux84hp case and mine doesn’t look nearly as good. the compartment and side mount are great ideas, i wish i would have thought of that! maybe in v2…

a few questions:

  • is the power module mounted directly to the side wall or is there a bit of rail over there?
  • how deep is the skiff side/how deep is the lid?
  • would you mind sharing the source for those corner protectors? i had a hard time finding some that were just the right size.



For mounting the power module i drilled two 3 mm holes, and fixed the module with M3 screws long enough to go through the material and put some nuts on the screw on the other side. I put the screws “backwards” so that the nuts are on the outer side (just in the very unlikely case they would go loose during a transport, so as to not have nuts potentially short-circuiting something. The screws “bites” into the wood enough to not move by theirselves.)

The depth of the lid is ~8.5 cm and the skiff is ~6 cm.

Here are the references of hardware i used:
2 x Penn Elcom Hinge Hook Over Heavy Duty Black 57mm wide P0625K
1 x Penn Elcom Strap Handle Black 7" H1007
8 x Penn Elcom Flat Corner Black C0670K
2 x Penn Elcom Mini Butterfly Surface Latch L0914K
Corners and latches need M4 screws, the handle and detachable hinges M5.
The corresponding claw nuts actually had all their claws removed; trying to hammer them in valchromat just results in the butt joints breaking. I added metal brackets inside the lid to help the joints.
And, yes, i forgot to buy and fit rubber feet ><’.


I added an Ambika to my family of walnut mutables. Man this synth is amazing! It was a pain to put together, but totally worth it.

The design lends itself perfectly to having a clear acrylic back. I was originally going to do this with my Anushri, but decided to mount that in a rack rather than make a standalone box for it.

Next project: a 6U 84HP eurorack case made out of Purpleheart (I ran out of walnut, and have a masochistic streak).


That’s a 20-character nice case!


Trying to compose something outdoor only with an Axoloti.


would love to hear some of your work on this setup!


loving the vibes that this little ikea lamp provides - especially with all other lights in the room off. the system is coming along - several pieces still being sold, others soon to be acquired…always a process

the latest addition to the family…:kissing_closed_eyes:


hey phil! of course!

i’ve got some wip’s/ideas/sketches/demo’s or what ever on my soundcloud. working on a new tape… and looking for a label that want to put it out.


more to come!


top left, is that something from martin howse?


summer vibes!


Yup :slight_smile: Built it at a workshop in London