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My music table and synth at the moment. Rarely is it this tidy, so I thought a pic was in order :grimacing:


What speaker stands are those? I’ve been looking for some compact ones since my desk space is pretty limited and I’d only be able to fit something like Genelec 8010’s on it.


They’re just some stands I got off of amazon a couple years ago. Here is a link.
I don’t know that I would recommend them, I needed to weight the base down quite a bit for them to really feel stable.


wasd keyboard?
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It is! I had hoped to use a HHKB pro 2, but the usb hub made it incompatible. :slight_smile: so I sold it on and got a WASD.


Such a great collection of modules there. Impossible not to start mentally patching, looking at it.

Which case and stand is that @Justmat? I’m looking to consolidate my cases and improve on the ergonomics of my LCB+LC6 combo.


The case is a Pittsburgh Modular Structure EP360, and the stand is from Make Noise. The case is fairly new, I moved into it from a couple 6u x 104hp cases. :slight_smile: I think it was the right decision for my space.


how are you liking the stand? it’s pretty expensive and i wasn’t sure how well it would work with a case bigger than 2x104, so it’s good to see it seems to be fine for that.


It is a bit pricey, but it feels super solid. I would certainly recommend it over my last stand solution, which was a small guitar stand and… terrible. :smiley:


i have one of the Makenoise stands too. It’s cool and made very well.


Beautiful! love the 2x everything Mannequins.

I have the Eris E5 monitors (I can’t tell if yours are the 5" version, but basically the same thing). Do you notice a difference having them sideways (or maybe that is just to get the tweeter at ear-level…)

EDIT: also–what’s the out module? Is that Meng Qi’s version of the Mannequins RIP?


These are the Eris E8s. They are on their sides because I needed to get them above the gear, but keep the tweeters around my standing height.

The output is indeed the Meng Qi PE2, and it sounds wonderful!



Love that coffee-and-headphones combo.


What is that white box device? It seems to be in about half of the setups posted here! Is it something to do with the Teletype maybe?


Looks like an Aleph.


it’d be really awesome if somebody ported teletype to aleph


Interesting, thanks. All this Monome stuff looks so powerful but also crazy intimidating, like you need to almost be a software engineer to make the most of them.


My setup for a performance last night with a snap during the performance. I’m really enjoying this small setup and only had the mixer so that I could run everything through the Supa Puss and still have stereo


Though teletype isn’t trivial, I’d say that you’re seeing more of the developers perspective here rather than ‘typical users.’ For example, with Norns, a lot of the discussion is about what an be ported, and many of the people discussing are in fact very soft-engineering oriented. But most users may not be! Certainly don’t need to be.

Ansible for example is a simple module, just plug in a grid and go.

I’ve got a lot of the older modules as well and they are similar.

Not trivial but not really that much more of a challenge than, say, some of the Mutable Instruments stuff.

The barrier to entry is really the requirement that you have a grid. They aren’t cheap (nor should they be, they are very nicely made and lots of parts).

Teletype is coding, but not particularly hard for basic things. And it opens up a lot of cool possibilities.

What we’re really seeing now - with Norns, Teletype, ER-301, Organelle, Clouds and so on are devices that are meant to be repurposed (but don’t have to be). This level of interaction won’t appeal to everyone, for sure, but it is there for those who want it.