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Would love to hear this. Clips?


The set was recorded and I should have a copy over the next week or so. I’ll post something then. Cheers


Sorry for a bit of off-topiness but Is that mixer a Presonus AR8 ?
If so, how do you like it (as a mixer and as a recorder/audio interface) ?


@oscillateur it is and I can’t really fault it other than the main mix pot is already a little scratchy. As a mixer its a but limited with pots instead of faders but getting the AR12(?) and up fixes that. The sound is good, the EQ works well and the in built reverbs are actually good quality for live use (they don’t record which is fine) - there’s a number of options although you can’t tweak parameters except wet/dry mix. As an audio interface I can’t fault it although I haven’t had a lot of experience but multi-tracking is a great feature in something of this price range I think and its much easier to use/set up than my MOTU Microbook ii. It probably sounds a bit better too. Having said all that it is a bit large for my live application and something smaller would achieve the same (but wouldnt slot back into my (small) studio to multi track record).



It begins


Sigh. You post a case with Rings in it and I end up ordering two books (I have the other two). :slight_smile:


They’re my girlfriends, she is researching community resilience of smallholders practicing permaculture for her PhD (she is very clever and I like to boast about her as much as I can)


My view for the next couple of days.


Whoa! What department is her PhD in?


Geoscience! But her PhD is funded by a body that encourages interdisciplinary research, her background is in anthropology and agroforestry.


My partner is working on re-wilding, permaculture, rethinking urban streets, teaching communities to use design methods to choose their own futures, …

Which is why we have the same books I guess!

Plus I’m a geoscience prof, though my focus is on interdisciplinary studies related to how we visualize information (urban settings included) and how new technology is changing how we see and think about geological ‘outputs.’

The two of you should join us on our back deck for a glass of wine. Oh well, I guess internet distances are not the same as real-world distances. We’re in eastern Ontario…


Oh wow! If we’re ever in Ontario we’ll let you know! And if you’re ever in Scotland let me know!!


Will do!

BTW there is a plants and gardening thread - plants, music in gardens, permaculture etc. Just in case you haven’t seen it… just search for Gardening (not sure how to cross link and the search bar needs the exercise!)




I’m excited to get my siblings together too haha. Looks phenomenal.


Nice to see a David Holmgren book! I’m friends with his son that I’ve known since high school. I used to get drunk on their amazing world first working permaculture property as a teenager :slight_smile:



Working with this amazing setup for my Hylozoic Solstice submission:


That’s such a beautiful pairing (Brian’s metal with Peter’s wood).