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family portrait // monome + mannequins. isms system, grid, arc, norns, and years of creative instruments for making beautiful music. wired up behind-the-scenes for full teletype control, including just type and w// type.


Collage from this evening . . .


what kind of keyboard is that?


the standard keyboard that ships with teletype, circa 2016.


20 chars of oops, ha, roger that



Loving that setup so much right now.


Show us what you do with this setup!


Just recorded something. I will see if I still like it tomorrow and then upload it :slight_smile:


Can’t imagine not liking anything you record…had to laugh at this though because anytime I post something immediately on Soundcloud I almost always change my mind the next day and have to delete it. Should wait it out like you do…


New friend arrived–

Oh and, first thing I recorded on this setup in case anyone is curious


My young modular system. Built the case this January and there’s already so much I’ve been able to do with it-mainly as a drum sequencer for my Digitakt and LXR.


I think my finger smudge on my lens made these cool streaks of light.
I just recorded a 21 minute long minimal improve. maybe to minimal?


I love this thing.


The Folktek Mescaline made me realize that DuPont connectors are not my thing ;). The Softpop seems cool though. Interesting design…

The upcoming Bastl/Casper Electronics modules are some of the very few things that I plan to buy when they get released (or probably a bit later) to consolidate my modular.


if you enjoy the Dupont connectors you could get an entire modular rack of the stuff :smile: http://tangiblewaves.weebly.com/store/p2/AE_modular_Rack_1.html


aha yes! i very nearly backed their crowdfunder. And @oscillateur I find I enjoy patching with dupont cables more than euro, for some reason. Maybe their fiddly nature makes me slow down and think more :slight_smile:


last summer in the adirondacks with 0-coast, keystep, walkmen, tascam porta 4

i think kodak portra 400 in a minolta x700


@barnjazz wo…great view. keystep sequencer is actually pretty great. those keys tho.