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Bought a couple of cassette heads from eBay and made a little Magnetophon wand for some found sound embellishment to my drone work. Looking forward to getting the module soon and not having so much high end noise.


My setup for today preparing a vlog re: Orac update and Norns using a push2
(Rendering/uploading as I type, a nice feeling :slight_smile: )


Planning for a 94 hp 12u case. But with this setup I can still get to Mars in record time.


Care to share the link ? :slight_smile:


Norns is in flight


How much does it love birds? :slight_smile:



I’ve been seeing people doing this more and more


This looks like such a lovely little setup, Emily! And so portable. Looking forward to the videos you put up of this. You’ve gone from maximal to minimal in such a relatively short time span!


Stripes, that’s a bit gorgeous


There’s only one Marcus Fischer
(and Tom Sachs)


i’ve still got lots of options :slight_smile: just trying out something new and small for a couple traveling projects i have this summer. feels great tho!


gave my maths/function/erbeverb/jove a little makeover with knobs - I like having everything be as monochromatic as possible :heart_eyes: now to find white LED’s for stages…


Live cassette/synth soundset at La Sciarma’s post concert

And here’s the detailed setup used (photo taken at home)


all finished!


norns station


white LED stages complete! Super easy, got the LED’s on amazon. They’re also a bit dimmer than the green ones too which I like because they were a little much.


Found this photo of an old system, this little guy was so much fun.


Got my hands on some old school kit. It’s amazing how far we’ve come in only a little over ten years.


Funny, my buddy Jim Schoenecker up in Milwaukee was just trying to sell a complete Sputnik system including the keyboard just a few weeks ago. Looks spiffy for sure!