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Finally received my Norns after the longest 3 weeks of my life!!!

Straight out for a Negroni :smiley:


Here’s my little darling – I made the skiff out of an aluminum travel case I found online. The modular is attached to the lid, and the depth of the other half is enough that I can leave things fully patched :slight_smile:

Pic is from my instagram, where I also post videos.


a little setup to work through Just Type studies over the weekend


A couple photos and video of practice and performances on 6/23 with and within Colin McIntyre’s Resonant Lung—a MIDI-controlled church organ deconstructed and rebuilt inside of a shipping container in Austin, Texas.

Amulets (Randall Taylor)

Me (T Putnam Hill) preparing for my set for the organ and guitar feedback.

Me (T Putnam Hill) preparing for my set for the organ and guitar feedback.


Yeah! I actually picked that up from him to rebuild this system (which my roommate technically owned). Made a few changes, but I’m really liking it thus far!!



sweet Jim, love that dude


post-tea earthsea by midnight lamplight


from last summer when the boat was much larger, the boxes more numerous. shorter hair, longer shorts. best buds up front.


Figured some might get a kick out of this. Knowing I was going to take this on tour, I sorted out a little lunchbox for my case. Works great!


This afternoon I received in the mail the Vixen mixer, by KVgear, that I kicked in for on Kickstarter some time back last year. It’s the smallest mixer I’ve seen with two auxiliary send-returns, a feature I like on my large Mackie mixer and really want in a compact size. This was a quick proof-of-concept experiment after lunch: two Buddha Machines and a Gakken theremin, each on their own channel, with one of the aux going to/from a Korg Kaoss Pad Mini KP, and the other aux to a Ditto looper and then back into its own channel.


Nice :slight_smile: , I’ve been eyeing that as well. I’m wondering how it handles eurorack signal levels?


I’m going to experiment a bit. I’ll report back.


panel for a barton musical circuits QTLFO, while it was still in progress.

and in finished form


First modules arrived


norns arrived.

guitar into mlr.



I approve of this aesthetic very much


Building a 1u sawtooth VCO with a switch to LFO frequencies

This Chua Circuit educational kit makes great noise and runs off +/-12v but is annoyingly 1cm too long to fit into a standard euro module :frowning: Might make some standalone thing out of it or just invent a new format


my vortex race 3 keyboard works great with tt :nerd_face:


@n-So your set up is going to look even more dope once 4ms releases their new black panels :sunglasses:

@alanza your set up is so inspiring!