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oh! where did you get that chua circuit kit?


lovely! where did you get the keyboard?


amazon :slight_smile:


I’m not sure this is quite the instrument I’m looking for here but this is visually satisfying, even with the interloper on the right.


A university were sending them out for free years ago, the link is gone now tho.

If you need a reference of this Chua’s kit, please cite this article
in your Chua’s kit related publications:
G. Gandhi, Gy. Cserey, J. Zbrozek and T. Roska: “Anyone can build
Chua’s circuit: Hands-on-Experience with Chaos Theory for High School
students”, International Journal of Bifurcation and Chaos, Vol. 19,
No. 4 (2009) pp. 1113-1125.

Best wishes,
Gyorgy Cserey, Ph.D.
Faculty of Information Technology and Bionics
Pázmány Péter Catholic University


The chua website- as shown on your circuit board has lots of versions of the circuit- most of which look pretty straightforward apart from these are designed to give oscilloscope patterns and not audio. Was this circuit an actual audio circuit?


i can’t find the documentation for this actual kit right now but yes it has an audio out and the instructions mentioned the fact that it can be heard in the audio range as well as connected to a oscilliscope to see the patterns. Sounds like somewhat-controllable noise, perfect for me ha.

Probably will try some different values to get it going more in the LFO range.

I think it might kind of fit as a loong 1u module directly screwed on rather than behind a faceplate :smiley:

Prob will try and build the ones on the site some time too, but having a weird readymade module appeals to me more


Thanks, if you ever come across the instructions please do circulate… I’m not a rack person so the niceties of how many u’s are a bit beyond me -but good luck with getting this into your build. And good luck with the lfo adaptions that sounds cool.
One more question: what does the pot do to the audio?


norns is joy

More than 20 characters of it.


Will do. The pot is for kind of tuning it to the proper chaotic oscillation, below a certain point it just makes a horribly loud high squeal. Going to add a trimmer in series with a proper mounted pot for playability

I believe there are 2 or 3 useful places to take different signals to the board (ie for XY and Z of a scope but also hopefulyl for different-sounding or LFO waveforms i can add outputs for) but yet to properly experiment

I’m not a rack person

Ha me neither, my ‘rack’ is barely yet two bits of square dowel and i kind of hope it doesn’t become any more than bits of square dowel in some old lunchbox or briefcase :smiley: Also I’m considering a separate box of unpowered modules, in a non-standard format with panels based on the arbitary size of some veroboard I have lots of :slight_smile:


cross-post from insta, but my DIY 7U 84HP case survived its first out-of-town trip! no issues from security whatsoever, just a few sideways looks from travelers. a few dings that are the beginning of the case’s “character.”


loving the blank panels. :grinning:


Recently made a DIY version of the Animodule speaker


My new eurorack case :smiley:

Excited that my DIY (stripboard + a kit of parts) PSU finally works even tho I amazingly made THE SAME DUMB MISTAKE as when I made my first PCB-based one - regulators swapped around. -__-;

big up the yellow patch cable in the back sneaking in to short out the power bus



I added the Expert Sleepers ES3 and ES6 to my rack this week and it’s pretty great.


destination: Organelle


Nice! what is the mistake?


Getting + and - inputs flipped on op amps…


Current state of my system. Added the Three Sisters last night,