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Nice! what is the mistake?


Getting + and - inputs flipped on op amps…


Current state of my system. Added the Three Sisters last night,


To bad this is not my permanent studio.


the system until plaits and marbles show up, at which point we’ll have some decisions to make :thinking:


the all-white on the Rogan knobs is a nice touch


lost uncle ruben’s power amp this week
for the live rig
(caught fire playing with gibber through it)
still got abuelito’s speaker (kinda blown in a good way)
salvation army santa monica really blessed us with a sony tuner!
sold it for 'bric-a-brac pricing
and it’s cool for home phone dj
(even got a volume knob) :slightly_smiling_face:


put on the new black panels for DLD and STS today…ooo la la :heart_eyes:


Spent the weekend at a Casper Electronics workshop. Great fun and an ideal way into building circuits. Now I’m planning a Lunetta synth :smiley:


just got a cute little case, taking baby steps into this world and having sooo much fun with just this simple setup :•)


Sequencer… check, dope full-featured voice from 0-Coast… check, some other stuff… check, reverb pedal (this is the most important bit)… check.

Seems like a 10/10 to me


Edit: with the only caveat that the 2hp modules are not spectacularly good, at this stage you might want a nice complex modulation source for this rig: recommend Just Friends obviously.


Thanks for the tips! Yeah, I ordered the Pluck before anything else, and it sounds very nice for sure, but after finding a nice deal on a Rings, I already know that the Pluck won’t be staying for long…

Waiting on a Marbles at the moment, but now that I’m realizing how addicting it is to just modulate everything that can possibly be modulated, a Just Friends could be a nice addition too :slight_smile: Right now am using the 0-coast to fill up the Rings’ CV inputs and mangle the little sequence I’m sending it, making it sound like a sad drunken bumbling guitar… have had this on nonstop since last night and can’t stop listening to it !


I’m about a month (or two? It’s been a blur…) into modular and seeing your 0-Coast + Rings combo makes me think about “the good old days”. I started with a very similar setup which has since spiraled a bit out of control. In a good way, since I’m going to have my current dream setup very soon, but also in a bad way because my brain (and wallet) are a bit strained! :sweat_smile:


Blargh, I know how you feel. Started a few months ago and filled up 168hp very quickly. Now I find myself second guessing my choices, and listening to patches I made with 3 modules and reminiscing… Slower would have been better but damn pacing yourself is hard.


Apologies if commented on already, but how is the mixer working out for you, particularly with eurorack levels?




The synthesizer portion of my messy studio space.


Welcome to these parts, Mr. Gigasturtz. Nice Juno 60 :slight_smile:


it’s been serving Waldman and I well recently :smiley: hope the rest of your tour went well!