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this is my apartment in miami. :nerd_face:

eurorack is near empty as i was making room for three sisters and their lovely cousins.


Nice space! So bright and welcoming.


Professor Enrico Cosimi of Accademia di Santa Cecilia and me transporting an original Buchla 200 in Ancona, Italy. :slight_smile:


Migrated from a Make Noise skiff to this custom case. My dad did the woodworking, I think the wood he chose looks amazing. Excited to fill that space…


So after 3 weeks in our (@Angela) new place, still painting, unpacking, moving, gardening/farming BUT yesterday was a nice milestone. After a small detour with ants and wasps we finished clearing and painting what will be the studio room in our place, and it looks… amazing!!

Have yet to move all the gear in, nor get proper furniture etc… but it feels so nice to have a(n as of yet unused) creative space.

The view from the entrance:

(we pretty much nailed it relative to our photoshop mockup!):

Where the main desk/board will go, along with modular and other electronic instruments:

I love the way the stone wall looks up against the modular/Plumbutter:

And finally, the view from the studio:


Wall > Webcam > Jitter > MSP > DAC > New modulation source?


Wow!! Fantastic!! Such a beautiful place and gorgeous vistas!!


Soundplane, Monome, Eurorack, Buchla… Crazy playground!


yooooo this is so legit!!! congratulations! so inspiring to see


@Rodrigo what short of power supply are you using in your case?

(btw nice place/studio!)


Finally built a music desk. Lots more to do still, including good lighting, building some sort of synth shelves, and figuring out how to connect everything together (do I try to find the One True Signal Chain, or optimise for being able to change things easily?) but it’s nice just to have the whole family together, and to finally have a workspace worthy of my Reykjavík poster.


optimise for change seems to be the winning approach for me :slight_smile:


It’s a Volgen switching power supply with an Intellijel distribution board inside both of which were recommend by my modular father figure @tremblap.

The enclosure itself is modelled after his corrugated plastic DIY skiff too.


A weird gear addition, but just picked up a bunch of refurbished Basslets to use as the hub for a haptic feedback-based update/improvement to my (older) dfscore system.

I spent ages looking for a good wireless haptic feedback system that could multicast and kept coming up short. While I was in Berlin a few months ago I managed to try one of these out and really dug it. Quite powerful and really fast response time (ala ‘taptic engine’ type speed). ‘Only’ goes up to 250Hz, but that’s plenty of room to create gestures with.

I did some simple testing with Max and found that due to its aggressive lowpass filtering, it could literally just be a square wave driving it, so my plan is to make a simple/DIY polyphonic synth (1-bit music style) out of a Teensy which I’ll set up such that I send it MIDI notes on diff channels (or whatever) and that will output 4 discrete audio channels, one for each Basslet. I’ll then house all of that in a small 3D printed enclosure with a single USB cable.

(as an aside, I’ve not messed with much synth stuff on Teensy, so open to suggestions on any systems/code I should look at for that. since audio quality doesn’t matter, I assumed that would be possible to do just using a Teensy without needing a separate DAC, but not sure)


How gear can sometimes give you life lessons…


love that corrugated plastic case! very nice!


What is the one in the top left in the first photo?


Bit of CMOS and old radio experimentation. No idea what I’m doing but it’s fun :smiley:


strymon timeline, unless you mean the red/blue box? that’s bugbrand modular.


Sold the Push today, so I thought I’d take a glamor shot before it leaves the space.