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Altered readymade module: cheap ebay PT2399 echo board as per http://www.synthanatomy.com/2018/04/diy-makes-possible-eurorack-delay-fx-module-less-15.html

Yet to make a faceplate but it works :slightly_smiling_face: Other builds i’ve seen online omit the clean line-in but I find any and all extra mixing options useful so I included it.


The brain of my in progress 3u case arrived this morning. Can’t wait to play with some self patching :slight_smile:


Love this module. It’s so great!


Built my new eurorack case. Any 1u recommendations? going to be hard to fill this thing :smiley:


There’s someone making 808 drum modules in 1U, that would be fun! I can’t remember the person’s name for the life of me.


ha would indeed! WIll have to try and find out.

the Foxfield things on thonk look nice tho I keep thinking that i should just build something from scratch instead. https://www.thonk.co.uk/shop/foxfield-1u-tiles/

tho having said that the dead-bug-style 1u saw vco i already attempted produced large amounts of smoke and died when i plugged it in :-/


An ornate coffin for a dead bug. :frowning_face:


Had a load of fun last night messing around with self-patching and the switches. I think I’m going to like this module :smiley:


little bedroom music zone looking kinda nice today :slight_smile:


Here’s my set up!


and back of the case:

The ukioye prints I got out of a book of prints, and pasted it on with wood glue onto the DIY case - it’s not a very well made case but it works!
The ‘blank panel’ from a magazine cutout is saved for a multichannel sampler, hoping this is going to be the upcoming ALM sampler :slight_smile:


Here is my intellijel case. Waiting on Mutable marbles. In the attitude of some previous posts I’m trying to create a stand-alone “instrument.” The inputs and outputs in the 1u row are used with cassette recorders and monitors to listen and play sounds back in various rooms after being processed by the modules.


A collection photo I did for 4MS


Nice! It looks like a rendering. Whats your retouching process?


Thanks. Other than removing some block shadows you could see through a few of the holes that’s pretty much it for retouching. It is really the lighting that makes it look like a rendering.


Masf Possessed just landed here:

It’s a weird glitch/delay/tremolo Japanese thang.


https://www.instagram.com/xolabsnet/ is what you’re looking for


Oi! I’ve got a book of Japanese ghost stories and this painting is on the cover.


I love those holes. When I first looked at the photo, I was just looking at the objects and the geometry and patterns repeated in the module designs, and then those reverse-shadows (shadow absences?) appeared. Love it.



20 chars of 4ms row power skiff integration :blue_heart: