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3 norns?!! and an aleph…!!!


A white norns with blue display!


The other night I provided an improvised soundtrack for a collage art jam, where local artists got together to make collages from old magazines. I played to the lovliest audience in the most casual setting for over 2 hours of dreamy ambience, such a nice time!



Some of the completed pieces at the end of the night:


And here’s me!


I quite like that white Norns! :heart_eyes:


First instrument I’ve acquired since 2010 that isn’t predicated on electricity. A (quite used) Yamaha FG-335.


black maths came today…one step closer to the self-assembled b&g shared system!


The “blue” OLED display is an optical illusion but that enclosure is actually white.

Prototype coating process that the monome team nixed before release. I really like it tho!


So good! Is that a Pittsburgh skiff?


looks like frap tools, yeah?


not sure, its @tehn’s tiny case!


Starting work on what will become my next album.


I was gonna point that out too… it looks like the Frap Plus case, and a bit of quick math confirms the 42hp width against the modules…


working on a release with a very strict setup…



So good… :heart_eyes:


Makes me wonder about a case that is a cube, with modules standing up vertically, with 4 “walls” of modules facing out… where the patching could be done in a 360 degrees fashion…



…and put it on lazy susan!


Hope you don’t mind me asking - how much trouble was it putting that Serge panel together w/ case and power?


It’s not too hard if you have some soldering experience. The random*source kits that I use have most of the smt done already and some of them only really require panel assembly.

It’s not cheap once you get all the parts, but still affordable compared to pre-built Serge.


Yup, it’s a Frap Tools Plus single element, without sides. 42hp. Nice idea.