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What’s the instrument on the left?


mroztronium grackler


20 characters of need!


Looking forward to hearing that one @slopstream!


Mail was great today. Kirkis fresh from AUS with a nice doodle and Morphagene. :unicorn:


And 4 grids !



And not 5 or 6 walls?


Broke in ‘the farm’ a couple of nights ago with a close friend who came to visit (with @Angela filming).

He’s a fantastic improviser (and composer) so we managed to film a few things while he was in town, including some solo stuff (these pics are from those performances).

It almost feels like cheating in that anywhere you point a camera out here looks fucking amazing.

Our covered car/tractor/firewood area:

A room that will be very special once finished (but until then is a study in reverb/resonance):




Grayscale is still my favorite grid.
Full size USB and daylight friendly leds :slight_smile:


Been figuring out my setup for NOISE SHED at Windmill Brixton this sat. DIY drone synth and weird echo, both power-starvable into strange zones of dying indeterminately-looping Wolf Eyes squeal, plus the first distortion pedal I ever owned and some harsh noise DOD staples



Also, at a recent summer festival:


Awesome pictures! The monochrome really adds an industrial vibe :smiley:


My setup for the next live shows is finally completed :slight_smile:


I finally got to the point to make a little space for my setup. Before this I had the stuff in a bookshelf with a couch standing in front of it. No more sore back and neck :+1:


For those of you who said “we’re gonna need a bigger boat” – I did, lol. This is the cleanest my table will be before becoming littered with wires later this week.

Also, for anyone considering an RR430: don’t get it. The VSC is incredibly worthy, but it can’t handle loops at all, and it doesn’t have an auto-stop (which I learned the hard way when it snapped an /18 tape I was gifted after it finished side B).


That looks like a II but the Microverb I is my favorite reverb ever. To my ear it has a darker, more musical character than the II… dunno if the algorithms are different or the converters. Plus a really wicked ‘reverse’ setting which is neither really a reverse delay or reverb, it just samples an incoming sound and flips it in real time after a pause.

The II is also great though, but if you like it I’d keep an eye out for a I.

If I could only have one hardware effect unit it’d be that, so good choice! :sunglasses:


Correct! That’s the one. I’ve been on a quiet hunt for a Microverb I for some time but now you got me to pick up the search for one a notch.

And yes, that is the only hardware effect unit I’ve kept since the eurorack bug bit me. The nice thing about this little gem is that it distort the sounds so nicely so I’ve got it as a end of the line unit, going straight from the eurorack signal into it.


Mini modular setup for a mini live set on Wednesday :slight_smile: