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That’s the output desk, yeah? How are you liking it?



Really liking it so far. Really big (which is what I wanted), so there’s plenty of ‘space’ to work on. Then lots of great details/perks in how it’s designed (the front rack bits are reversible, the shelf can be further in or out, etc…).


Since you all asked… video edit is done and out:



20 characters of Ray!


Finished modifying my old rev1 weevil module to fit in the new super shallow Bugbrand frames so decided to take a celebratory pic!


i’ve been meaning to get a proper cassette deck for a while, and it finally happened! the fact that i can actually listen to tapes now is really just a small part of the excitement, i’m having a newly rediscovered love for that era’s designs (i kinda want to redo my living room to have a couple of vintage audio devices as the center piece). and i need to go back to the store and just spend a good hour there looking at everything they have. and maybe get a walkman too (sorry for a wall of text - had to share my excitement here as my partner has been uncharacteristically unsupportive - “you can just listen to music on your iphone, no?”).


I have this receiver which I love


The only thing I don’t love is that when I bought it, the person didn’t have the remote, and I haven’t been able to find anything that doesn’t look like a hacky mess and cost 80 bucks. Do you (or anyone else) have any experience about programming (new) universal remotes to work with older audio equipment like this?


I love that design era/phase. There was an Akai Casette Deck with similar color and interface design that I wanted so bad for about a year until I just ended up with something from Craigslist. It does the job, but dang was that Akai cool looking.

I’m trying to find out what model it was.



sorry, no idea how to go about it! (and i sorta like the fact mine doesn’t have a remote : )

@bookmil - beautiful! love the motorized front panels.


That’s a beautiful deck! Been meaning to get a decent cassette deck myself… all I have is some Walkman and a crappy portable deck that doesn’t sound too good. You should def get a Walkman if you’re getting a good amount of tapes, I stopped using my iPhone for music and started listening to entire albums again on my work commute - plus you hear all the electronic interference as you move around which can sometimes be a weird bonus :grin:


i have a bunch of old tapes, some are not properly labelled, half of the fun will be finding out what’s actually on them :slight_smile: but yeah, that’s the plan for walkman, takes me about 30 min to walk from work, so basically one side. i think having to choose ahead of time what to listen to as opposed to being paralyzed by choice will make for more mindful listening too.


The giant milled aluminum knobs and analog VU meters on my dad’s Pioneer and Teac hifi gear were definitely a big part of my early (as in “in diapers”) love affair with recorded music.


‘having to choose ahead of time what to listen to as opposed to being paralyzed by choice will make for more mindful listening too.’

Yes! I tend to take two tapes with me just in case my mood changes though. Generally something acid-y along with whatever I’ve chosen for the day :+1:


I finally am able to use all of my modules together! :grin:

What do I do now :sweat_smile:


Wonderful, just wonderful


Thank you :slight_smile:

I’ll have a recording of some kind up this weekend!


Mine doesn’t, so they aren’t all that way!


Got a moon lamp for evening patching.


Got tired of loose ribbon cables that were too short. I2C was makin’ me crazy! Now to plug it all in and see if it works…

Well, it boots. That’s a start!

Now to update some firmwares…


Very interesting to see the back of a system with lots of I2C connections, I knew it was possible but it never occurred to me just how awkward it would be to wire up!

What is the huge module in the top left with a big screen and a bunch of USB ports?