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Great stuff! Thanks for sharing.


It’s the Percussa Super Signal Processor, and I’d very interessed to hear what @jasonw22 thinks of it (or be linked to his thoughts on it if he wrote them on another topic already !)


That’s a real beaut. I bought a Technics deck last year that smokes when powered up. Probably a cheap/quick fix, if I had the time!


can’t recommend the µO_c highly enough for you. reclaim some space!


I know! I could also replace my Clouds clone with a uBurst! And I will likely replace Maths with a Stages sometime next year as well. In the meantime I will consider the size of a regular O_c as a luxury :wink:


The Percussa SSP hardware is amazing. The software… has a lot of growth potential.


I would say that of all the “miniaturised” things, only the µO_C feels like “that was the size it should have always been”; none of the tiny MI modules seem to make much ergonomic sense to me. But I’m very happy with my little OC.


I second that! Wouldn’t know where I’d be without mine


i’m lost when it comes to DIY/electronics, fortunately we have a good shop here that does repairs (they have some amazing stuff, i could easily spend a couple of hours there just browsing).

and i’m finally able to play your tape now :slight_smile:


I kind of wonder about the newer version of Plancks with the sliders. It makes a lot more sense to me than the first one with the crowded knobs. I even considered getting one just as a mixer/offset generator (which is how I usually used Frames), but decided against it.

I agree that uO_C’s layout seems clearer than the original O_C. I’m considering it for my next module purchase, since Hemisphere Suite seems particularly useful to me. I just bought a tanh[3] minutes ago though, so I’m not sure when that’ll be :slight_smile:


How are you using Grid with Aalto?


New toy. Technically my spouse’s new toy, so I may have to get my own.

I used to play violin in high school in the 80s and was good at it, but lapsed and lost most of my muscle memory for it (as well as raising my standards about what “good” is). Guitars are just weird and wrong to me but mandolin tuning is in 5ths like the violin and thus makes sense to me. Most of the battle seems to be holding it properly, playing cleanly, and calluses.

It’s a shame fretless mandos tend to be 4-string, have little sustain and sound like a plucked violin without electronic assistance, because a scale length like this with no frets would probably feel pretty great. I like the sound of this one quite a bit though.

While I’ve never been a “real musicians ________” snob, I do think playing acoustic instruments, and trying unfamiliar ones, gives some perspective as well as insight into sound design and music theory. And humility! Here I am struggling to get “Hot Cross Buns” out of it without missed notes and rattles and accidental muting and totally forgetting to hold it properly.


parc https://vimeo.com/6956145
monolase. https://youtu.be/JNZw2QEZr2I

so cool :slightly_smiling_face:. thank you


I’ve been really liking the new slider version, doesn’t feel cramped at all to me and feels great to use.

I just use it as a final stage mixer in my little system, being able to get interesting crossfades using just 1 cv source is really really nice in a small setup as well.

It’s really great!


I still have mine, but it lives in a drawer… how are you using it?


Hooray another mandolin player! I’ve been working my way through this:

It’s a great resource and I definitely recommend it. My biggest tip (with learning anything), but somehow I need to repeat it to myself. Practice everyday, even for 15mins. I guess it’s more true with steel string fretted instruments, for the callouses.

Second tip. Get these picks (https://www.stringsandbeyond.com/wetrgupiseto.html). They absolutely make it easier to play, especially when trying to get up to speed. They may seem expensive for picks, and well, they are, but mandolin picks are weird and they’re hardly the MOST expensive.


Thanks, that site is going to be really helpful! I was trying to learn from a book and immediately realized it wasn’t all that clear on posture and hand position.


Been teaching myself acoustic instruments for three years straight so I totally get the humility thing. It’s so so rewarding though after like a year of practicing every day. My recommendation is just masking tape on all the notes you want to play (though I guess you already know the note positions).

I could never play mandolin though (the strings are so tense!). Prefer me a uke.


I use it simply for listening to tapes or occasional tape loops.


ahh how can one not appreciate that sleek metallic goodness of squareness and digital display:)