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How are you doing loops?


I use “endless cassettes” that I buy online and I record my own sound material on it.
Nothing fancy :wink:


My love, my pedal case. Lives beside my modular and provides most of my broken tones. Space is on my mixer send and will be moving out on its own to make room for more ezhi&aka and Seppuku.


After a long journey of buying and selling modules I sort of settled for this little ER-301 setup and an Analog Rytm mk2. I just switched my Three Sisters and Mangrove with the TSNM for full playability, but I might switch back if I miss the analog Mannequins flavor. Also I may venture in an extra effects skiff to compliment the setup but so far it’s been pretty satisfying :star_struck:


I love the road-worn look of this case. :heart:


Totally fake, it’s brand new :laughing: . I put a nice layer of black instrument case lacquer on it, didn’t like it, pulled out my sanding machine and gave it a make over. I have done the same with all my other cases now, it’s my case building signature :slight_smile:


Haha, excellent. I would say that’s worked very well.


Who needs fancy microphones and mic stands when you’ve got a SM57 and a book with a beanie on top?

Me, I guess.


This looks fun. Bastl Kastle remake that fits inside a cassette:


Spent the past week solo at a friend’s farm putting my rig through its paces:


making this once-in-a-blue-moon free saturday morning count


Very small workshop with Suzanne Ciani. Here she’s talking about how she configured her smaller Buchla system for touring.

She has some really nice stories and things to say about working with Don (@zebra)


This is the brains of this part of the rack.

(I’m here all week, try the veal!)


Met @MengQiMusic in person yesterday and received this beautiful instrument in copper to match the brass one.


What is that beauty!?


Is it just a colour match or was it thought to play with the sax? (as in processing it or similar). Looks neat.


I know this thread is called ‘Pictures’, but I want to know how this sounds like!


I’m trying to process the flooring being cut at an angle to the left of the instrument and interleaved to the right and I can’t. Beautiful picture!


Went with a standing setup.


Everything about it.