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The print is by Lale Westvind from her silent graphic novel “Hax”. Her work is amazing.

Mid 80’s intercoms pictured up front (basically walkie-talkies for small business owners) can be gestural FM and distorted vocals.


The Sidrolz5, a oneoff by @MengQiMusic. A clever combination and interface of Peter Blasser’s Sidrassi organ and Rollz rhythm generator circuits, which enables you to play with fingers and banana cables at the same time. The Rollz add rhythm to the momentary gesture only Sidrassi.


I’m thinking of trying to let it “generatively” play along side the sax and perhaps try to nudge it with bare feet once in a while. (Perhaps I’d need to build a matrix mixer controllable with feet!? :exploding_head:) The sid’s drones are beautiful and tuneable, but I have to master it first before and see if the colours of both also match when it comes to sound :wink:


Ah yes! Similar to the sidrolz instrument MQ used on his album of the same name? It looks amazing, would love to hear some clips of it being played :slight_smile:


Thanks, my name is lijnenspel (Dutch for “game of lines”) :wink:


Yes, there’s another sidrolz out there as well, but it doesn’t have touch capacity on its banana’s and separate buttons for the sidrazzi. I don’t know which one the album was made with. :slight_smile:

Here’s a video of the sidrolz5 played by its master:


Ah yes I love those vids! Apologies for the plug but we also had the pleasure of including track from MQ playing Sidrolz on our latest comp:

MQ’s performance on the instrument sounds simultaneously chaotically, serene and full of emotion throughout a lot of the recordings of it I’ve heard. Would love to hear someone else playing one to see if that carries through to other performers.

Also, the Sidraw looks and sounds amazing too.


Modular milestones: prepping for first off-GASsing. Was hard to come to terms with what-if and maybe-I-should-give-it-a-chance but boy does the space it made feel good already, even though it’s just moved to my kitchen table.

(This is not a listing, will list in the appropriate place when ready :slight_smile:)


Just ended up picking up a large format Graflex camera from a friend who was having a yard sale. After some trial and error getting it open, I got this picture from my iPhone capturing the viewfinder screen. Excited to make some videos using this setup.

Here’s a picture of the camera:


super-proustian moment seeing those intercoms - they’re what we had at home…


nice! a VHS cassette presumably?


I’ve also experimented with some video through ground glass on medium format and large format cameras. It can be really fun to play with.

At some point you’re going to want to clean your ground glass (on the inner part). If so, do not use anything but compressed air. The ground surface is extremely prone to scratches.




I’m working towards an extremely low standard stereo setup here. Even the tape holding the mics on place is too weak. This is how it goes when all focus has been on eurorack for too long, folks.


What mics are you using? Any pre-amp to that? (looking to do the same with an old acoustic guitar)

Och hej förresten, fellow östgöte :slight_smile:


Oj! Hej! :wave:t3:

I’m using my old homemade ones. Made from those musical greeting cards and broken guitar cables.
And no pre-amps, just straight into Ears and the other one into my sound card.

Edit: which are preamps…


Zoom’s built-in mics and two JRF contact mics through the mail slot of our shuttered entryway while a monster typhoon rages outside. Percussive. Can’t wait for my USI Pros to arrive; today would have been a good opportunity for a test drive.


stay safe out there…




Where did you get the wood blank panels?