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A sheet of Masonite, a tenant at work with a laser cutter in their shop, and some cash for their time and services.


yesterday. sunset in malibu.


FM shrine / nightly meditation


This really should go in the ‘JOY’ thread, but after 6 or 7 weeks of scouring Reverb, eBay, used selections at various stores in the US, MW, and WiggleHunt, a Sport Modulator finally revealed itself to me in Berlin. This may be the last new Sport Mod that was available in the world. They’ve ceased production and while I figured I’d find a used one by now, no such luck. I am pleased to finally have one for my little case.


Happy for you - that was a long search! I picked one up this summer and am still exploring it. :slight_smile:


Woah why did they cease, did you find out? Seems like a great module, one of those ones where the less I understand it, the more appealing it is.



Ulfric and the Stormcloaks will probably never fuck with your system. It’s under full daedra control mate.


Waiting on my Norns and Octatrack.


My Sport Modulator arrived a few hours ago too! :slight_smile:



Yoko Ono and Mutable Instruments.


brought my system to the adirondacks a couple weeks ago, just got the film developed. it was such a privilege to unplug for a week and get to spend a bit of quality time with Just Type. a couple tracks recorded to the tascam on the right are floating around here. minolta x-700 (with a wicked light leak) and fuji pro 400h.



New project and now the real work begins:




I’ll post some audio samples soon!
@eesn : I didn’t go outside, especially after the fence and our mimosa tree fell over!
Nara seemed to get off relatively easy. Other cities like Kyoto, Osaka and Kobe bore the brunt of it. Oh, and then Hokkaido got shut down by a big magnitude 6.6/shindo 7 earthquake a few days later. My goodness…


The state of things…

My reel-to-reel hadn’t been used in a few months, but I set it up this morning as a tape delay with Just Type sequences running - mmmmmm…


The ‘Chaos-8’ is an 8-string short-scale bass lap steel guitar custom built by luthier Wayne Johnson of Innovative Guitars in Cottage Grove, Oregon. The pick-up is hand wound with 2 ounces of wire and its position is adjustable. The body and hardware are made of aluminium. It can handle a 0.170" gauge string, though the thickest flat wound string I could find is 0.132". Thinking about putting a contact mic inside it in addition to the pickup.


wow, would love to hear some recordings of this! lap/pedal steel is my favorite (sounding) instrument and bass was always my preferred tool when I was playing in bands so this seems like melded perfection!~~