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This one is not for music, for kinetic motion studies


Via the #norns hashtag on Instagram.


I’d really like to hear that. :slight_smile:


Amazing looking space.

What are those jacks/knobs in the sides of your 4U Serge rows? And what is it mounted in?

I’m building up a 3 boat 4U serge and love the way you have yours setup.


A quick pic while cleaning up my desk. Quite a few changes since last post :smile:


thanks. Simple L shape profile with lots of attenuators and euro/banana converters. The random source boats have predrilled threads on the side. I used those to connect all three boats together.


Sounds interesting.
Could you explain what’s going on there please?


I use the modular to program the motion of motors and actuators. On the black platform, i am building prototypes…kind of lego for adults. I used max/msp in the past but now enjoying the time without computers.


Very cool. With the exception of video synthesis, the use of modulars in a non music making context is something that I’ve only come across a small number of times.

Do the motors and actuators accept the full range of CV or does it need to be attenuated?

Have you got an end goal of something that you want to build for the modular to control?

Sorry for all the questions!


At the moment its more for prototyping.

The motor controllers accept -10/+10 Volt. Where minus lets a motor turn CCW and plus CW. 0V the motors is still. On the controller, there is an adjustment for max speed and max current. I got the idea some years ago where I built 8 “rotary” speakers, combining the rotation directly with sound.

Motors, modular and acoustic instruments are as well a nice combination. Solenoid from Bastl is great for use with motors and instruments.

Here an image from the speakers:


Work in progress


My friend James took some 35mm photos while I opened up a show for @kin.sventa in late July


clean slate this morning


Looooved your set. Such a great night!


Thanks again. Truly was~ :raised_hands:


Hang on. Yesterday was 909 day, and no one posted a picture of their 909. I don’t have one myself, but I do have what I consider to be the next best thing.


Ryuichi Sakamoto and Yuko Mohri performance at Camden Arts Centre last weekend. Memorable to say the least.


Would you care to elaborate on the “next best thing” ?

edit : I guess it’s the TR09 !


whaaaaaat how did i not hear about this!


Was a very intimate performance with few tickets so I guess they didn’t do any promotion at all. I was lucky to notice Sakamoto mentioning it on Instagram…