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Got it in one.

Sounds perfect to my ears, tonnes of useful extra plusses as well, like mute/solo for each instrument, extra parameters for the sample-based instruments, 10 channel audio-over-USB so you don’t have to do the pointless Digital to analogue conversion, only to convert it back to digital again when you record.

My favourite feature of the tr09, though, is it’s limitation. I could scroll through libraries full of 909-ish samples and be too indecisive, so layer them up, then get to work so the phasing isn’t off, then maybe swap them out for other sounds. In contrast, by using a dedicated machine, you’ve got one kick, one snare, one clap, and one hihat, they each have some parameters to play with and they sound killer together.


yeah :confused: +1 …


Looks wonderful ~

What are the scrambled words/items from the first pic? I’d guess sounds or objects to use at random? Seems interesting


This is quite inspiring !


These were papers laid face down on the floor that Mohri picked up and put on the wall so that Sakamoto could read and pick up the correlating item to play with. For example, “lace trimming” was rubbed gently on the mic above the piano (making the sound guy with headphones jump up a bit at first :slight_smile: )


How lucky for you to have this experience. Sakamoto is one of those artists that I will travel to another country to see! (To put this in context: if, for example, I knew of a specific event that Arvo Pärt was going to conduct or perform in, I would be booking airline tickets asap).


Agree 100%. I’m lucky to be living in London and enjoys the pleasure that many of these performances happening close to where I live. I went to see Ryuichi Sakamoto and Alva Noto earlier this year and had the luck to experience a Terry Riley performance a month ago or so, to name a few - both were magical of course.


that noto/sakamoto show was amazing. i was speechless afterwards.

seeing riley at tusk next month, can’t wait :smiley:


Lucky you guys! :slight_smile: I had tickets for RS+AN in Barcelona last June but an unexpected thing happened the day before and couldn’t make it. Hope there’ll be a next one!


Is the piano prepared with coffee beans?


Hey, if it makes you feel better, I live in Barcelona and went to that show. And while it was really good, the constant problems with the sound and the PA really took away from the performance.

Idk; it was probably due to the acoustics of the place (it is an auditorium but they had the small stage which has some problems compared to the big room) mixed with a poor performance from the sound guy.

Nevertheless had its nice moments, as expected, but felt like letting you know about the downsides ~


There’s also some smashed glass on the floor.


you have 2 op1s too?!


have you got a link to more work and stuff?


Current state of affairs. A friend lent me the skiff and some modules


Hey pelang have you seen Olafur Eliasson’s work? Your kinetic motion studies battlestation made me think of his ‘Connecting Cross Country With a Line’ railcar installation. See the film “Station to Station” for more of it. (Great film for anyone participating in this thread/forum.)



not so updated but it gives an idea


Really impressive works!


yes, i am admiring his simplicity and connection to nature.

Thanks 1234, I hope it inspires somehow.


Well thanks for letting me know :slight_smile: Hadn’t read any comments on the show so it’s always nice to have first hand info! I feel a tad bit better now but still wish i could’ve made it :stuck_out_tongue:

edit: for a sec i forgot this was a picture thread.
pictures x coffee x joy in pictures.

I did the milk foam terribly this morning but it tastes great. And that’s a Teletype, can’t wait to dive into the studies.