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Loving the records behind the gear! I’m a big fan of listening to music in the same space as you’re creating music, so my record player and collection lives between my eurorack and my piano.

I just think that it puts me in the right frame of mind to pursue greatness. You can’t put an old Coltrane LP on while you’re setting up a session and then make shit music.


Slightly more committed version with only the actually existing modules :slight_smile: Before I do anything else I need to build line/pedals input + output module. Also more power bus, I’ve run out already :frowning:


Finally got my first all-DIY eurorack modular to the point where it can start making sounds. Here, there’s a nice clicky pluck coming out of the anushri, being sequenced by o_C, which is in turn modulated by rampage and a pusher.


100% inspired right here!


Picked up this cool 80’s Yamaha 4 track tape recorder at the Goodwill yesterday. The playhead was stuck in the up position. I fixed that problem. The new problem is it doesn’t RW or FF. I’m guessing it needs some new belts. Living in a relatively small town there are no vintage equipment servicers in business unfortunately. :persevere:


I bought a belt kit for my Tascam Porta Two from Vintage Electronics, and it looks like they have Yamaha kits as well. Replacing them ll belts was not nearly as difficult as I imagined. It might be worth a shot.


Thanks for the link. I love repairing gear/anything I can. Tape players I get nervous digging into more than other things. So many tiny parts and not a lot of knowledge on my part but if this one is going to get repaired I’ll probably be the one who has to do it. Having patience and not forcing things is a good approach with tape deck repair!


PulpLogic format cases aren’t easy to get hold of in the UK, so I made a couple of rough and ready passive FSR tiles for my Intellijel case. No points for presentation!


obligatory celebratory “first time taking the new gear out for a spin” post


How are you using the iPad in this context?__


i was just feeding sounds into the norns MLR to wrap my head around the pages layout–nothing good enough to record yet. i am a pretty big fan of the ipad music app community (why i finally bit the bullet and got an ipad), but 98% of the time now i just noodle around with the moog model 15 app(what is up in the photo), usually sequencing with the fugue machine app into the eos reverb. can’t overstate how good that combo has been for me creatively. i have hours of rough drafts that i can never realistically hope to finish as a result.


Cool… I must say that the iPad has been an amazing development for musical exploration…

Ripplemaker and Samplr are favorites but there are so many great apps…

I still have my original iPad 1st generation and it runs a great little midi sequencer



with cat


!!! you see it here first:

get one here if you are coming to Fort Process festival :slight_smile: :


Looks great, what does it do? I shall be at Fort Process, are you performing?


Glamour shot. RIP quickly got the axe to maximize the functionality of the case. The benefit is that I could get Mangrove in instead of an SSF MMF. The problem is when I can track down a Cold Mac to replace the Blender, I have no idea what to cut.


Soldering up the first prototype now :)… good question, hard to say. It’s kind of a fuzz/ring mod/oscillator/chopper /octaver with some kind of wrong kick/filter in there too. :smiley: videos soon when we have it fully operational


Awesome works, thanks for sharing! If you ever happen to exhibit in or around Hamburg, Germany, I’d love to see your works in person.


Looking forward to seeing and hearing it at Fort Process!