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Ok, here’s a quick excerpt from a few posts back:
Typhoon, shutter and JRF contact mics, as promised…

(x-post w/ Field Recording)


Not the most beautiful photo, but just wanted to share my live setup from a couple weeks ago and for tomorrow night for gigs in Austin. It’s somewhat more simplified than what I’ve used in recent years, but I’m liking it. Custom 9-string Harmonic Master guitar into iPad multieffects with effects in Ableton in the aux send.

I hope to get the organelle and Norns replacing one or both the iPad and computer at some point.


That guitar is beautiful! What iPad app(s) are you running?


Thanks! It’s a beauty to play as well. On the iPad, I’m running Dedalus, Kosmonaut, Eos 2 and iDensity each on its own channel in AUM. With that little Faderfox, I control the volume of each of those apps plus the six tracks in iDensity.


Interface research with Sensel Morph, Livid Block, Ableton Push And of course Monome Grids

Show us your modular system

New Complexity guitars <3 <3 I was going to put in an order for a 12 string Harmonic Master in courses with a sustainer, but $5000 AUD plus a 2-3 year wait was too much for me.


LOM USI inside piano :slight_smile:


Wow… my harmonic master was pricey but not quite that pricey.


incredible—thanks for sharing!


Oh wait I forgot that I asked for it to be a reso-harp hybrid too!


mlr with a piano is 100% nice, been exploring it a lot recently. I’d recommend using fabric to dampen the strings if you get a chance


That would be a pretty sweet setup.


My dream guitar! Would want to use it with bass pedals and Walk controlling modular while playing. Maybe one day sigh


Old module (and big tank) tuesday.


I’m playing my modular in a theater piece right now in Brooklyn, so my setup is out of its usual environment, but I still think it looks super sweet! :slight_smile:


Been working with this system for a while now. Probably the deepest analog system I’ve ever used.


Happy :slight_smile:


Following up on my post earlier this week. I just shared footage on the latest tracks + videos thread of my set on Monday: Latest tracks + videos.

Repeating what I wrote in that post: "Here’s some smartphone footage of my set this past Monday at the weekly experimental/outsider music series Me Mer Mo Mondays here in Austin, Texas. Since this is just Facebook Live footage, the audio is, of course, not the best (the intensity of the bass frequencies, for example, isn’t captured), but the general vibe is there.

“I was a little nervous going into the set because the great Bill Nace, of Open Mouth Records and Body/Head, played an incredible set just before me.”



I regret not taking more photos over the last few days, but have a gander:

This is Leafcutter John talking about, and demoing is light-driven synth/Max patch.

That’s cool in and of itself, but the reason I regret taking more photos is I spent the last couple of days over in Huddersfield brainstorming with (Leafcutter) John, Sam Pluta, Alex Harker, Richard Devine, Daniele Ghisi (among others) about @tremblap’s FluCoMa project.

Got to learn about plenty of people’s setups and approaches, as well as getting to brainstorm/discuss/test/plan around some of the crazy shit that FluCoMa can/will do.

Not a bad way to spend a few days…