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Thanks @Rodrigo for your usual generosity of contribution, and such presence! I think I should name all the other party members, as everyone’s contribution to the vibe was amazing! Owen Green, Gerard Roma as co-conspirators on the project, Lauren Hayes, Olivier Pasquet, Hans Tutschku, Sam Pluta as the other composers/performers/musicians/subverters of technology, Nicolas d’Alessandro as creative engineer stirring energy… and two observant and three postgrads which worked in the shadows to make everything smooth!

I’ll post more pictures when I have access to them tomorrow.


Labor Camp video effects hardware™️


Wow what a great video technique! I tried to make it to your performance but got stuck in traffic.


Oh dang! Sorry to hear that! Would have loved to say hi!


Is this a new iPhone?



Live setup finally finished (thanks to @hamildad and @Ithacus )


Beauty! Where’d those rails come from?


Pulp Logic! They have them in 6HP increments which is pretty nice, so many options to choose from.


Testing… testing…


New friend and it’s a nice one. It makes me want the 303 version again though. I guess those two are a great couple.





Snippet of the setup I was jamming on this afternoon :sunglasses:


the beauty within


Panel number two just about finished.


Is that a Soundcraft Signature 12 with wood ends? Did you make them? Love it!


Well spotted! I just bought it and the person that had it before me made those wooden sides. They were raw so I just stained and oiled them to make it look more like it should :wink:


You inspired me to remove the plastic sides on mine yesterday, and it’s an instant upgrade! I have a woodworker friend - perhaps I can convince him to make me a nice set of wooden replacements…