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Lofi anyone? :wink:


Oh yes! I just got one (look a few posts up) and I love it. :+1:




Hahahaha, and both at their best. The one on reverse and the two on large 4. Love it.


Here’s a snap from a while ago – my synth in a ray of sunshine.


Feat. the ever-so-handy 2hp stereo output by @bmoren !!


Every time one of these pops up I spend ages researching all the different Alesis verbs and never come to any decision. I had a quadraverb for a while and liked it though!


I do set it to 3 from time to time but that only happens on rare occasions.


These are super cheap and all that, but they work so well with eurorack signals. The distortion they make when the volume gets cranked is so nice. And then there are always the thing about the looks and all that. These are so cute.


How are you liking the 1, comparatively?


Sunday morning - just moved to a new apartment with those little machines, waiting to bring here my whole setup.


2nd module added to my tiny case :slight_smile: not sure what the 3rd is going to be yet, any suggestions? :slight_smile:


I used it on my most recent little recording where Microverb II (large 4 of course) were into Microverb I in reverse mode and I liked the result. Great little thingies.
Other than that I haven’t had that much time to try it out yet, but I did a quick comparason and I can absolutely see what you mean about it being warmer than the second version.


How are you guys integrating the SP202 in your workflows?


hey! that’s a thing I made!


Nice work :slight_smile: My first SMD kit build, wasn’t as fiddly as I feared


I haven’t used it that much yet. My plan is to make lofi pads and stuff with it. This is the first time I’ve used it in a recording so far:



I use the SP-202 for add dirt,
sampling sounds into it using standard or lofi mode.
I especially like its pitch effect.

I’m a fan of the SP samplers serie :sunglasses:


That‘s an awesome family portrait.