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Glad to finally have working PSU and enough cables to start getting some noise out of this thing :slight_smile:


Spent a few hours today at a dutch makerspace, managed to laser cut about half of the acrylic parts for the arc clone group buy. Laser cutting is fun!



Today I start my first time into modular


My friend has consistently urged me to continue to explore some concepts that only require the Octatrack, so I decided to reformat my workspace and move my main case out of the way. This fall, I’ll try to continue developing those.

Meanwhile, I figured I’d continue to tinker with my MAX+gestural case in solo and small group formats possibly. :slight_smile: So I threw that in the bottom of a two tier stand. Fits pretty well!


Wondering if you could give me your thoughts on the Ts-L? On the brink of ordering one but haven’t seen that many people using them to ask opinions. Cheers!


I started recording today with this. I’m really enjoying having everything battery-powered (and using the weird internal mic on the r16). It’s not for everything but I like it.




I do like the curly lead

and the kitty (black and white cats are the best)


Schneiders Laden is the evil :smiley:


rispondo in italiano che in inglese non rende… mo’ che è ‘sto Sport Modular?
mo’ pure lo Sport Modular devo prendere? :smiley:


It’s a modular system you attach to your wrist when you go running.

No wait. It’s actually this module.

It looks like a prank but it’s actually pretty comprehensive. (Taken from http://navsmodularlab.blogspot.com/2011/10/sport-modulator-explained.html ).


Did I just bought a poor man’s OP-1?



So many memories as a kid tapping on one of those. Thanks for thr nostalgia blast :slight_smile:


frap tools with the power on the side?


Frap case with MMI USB power stick… but I only bothered to solder on two headers :laughing:

It’s attached to the bottom of the case with 3M double-stick foam squares.


You have achieved the dream. Silent case!


State Park picnic table approved


Ah, the Casio VL-Tone! My first digital synthesizer in December 1981 – one year before my first analogue synthesizer in December 1982, a Korg MS-20. I then used the VL-Tone as a sequencer for the MS-20 via its External Signal Processor.



Picture of my AE Modular + Axoloti travel case. There are actually three Axolotis mounted under the bottom AEM case, which connect to the little mixer and USB MIDI controllers.