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That circuit looks pretty simple it could be built on perf board at a size that would fit eurorack.


Yeah, been researching it and found a few variations, will try soon. I tried the weird kit again today actually but it’s not working properly right now


Me and @electret having an awesome time at mine vibing out


/me with a little Moog 35


That’s quite a modified System 35 – do you have a pic of the whole system? Sorry, can’t help myself, I am quite a fetishist reg. old modular synthesizers.


Yes it appears to be very customized. I will probably play with it tomorrow if I have the time. At the moment the only pic is this one


adore the look of that guitar!! would you happen to have the make/model/year so i can scour ebay for one? :sweat_smile:



That’s a Fender Bass VI, i.e. 30" scale and tuned one octave lower than a guitar.

Probably the Squier reissue from a few years ago.


Yeah, exactly, it’s the Squier Bass VI. Fender Jaguars look v similar if you’re looking for a real guitar.


Well it’s a video rather than a picture, but didn’t think it appropriate to post in the new tracks/video thread because this is just an Instagram teaser. Please feel free to move elsewhere, mods!

Modified Cuban lute through norns over modular drones.




something something twenty characters.


you’ve made the best sounding op-z stuff i’ve heard so far!



The center of the current patch in progress… or it would be in progress, except I’m at work and we’re having a new furnace installed and everything had to be shut down. I took notes about the state of the Harvestman gear since it doesn’t save, but hopefully everything else will still be in the right state when I get back to it.

Perhaps perversely, I’ve got Kermit on audio duty (with B trying to follow A in PLL mode, so it’s sort of self-harmonizing), and Hertz Donut doing LFOs. E370 is also LFOing Disting’s delay algo to contribute to some pitch wobble. Both Kermit channels are running through tanh[3]. Mid-side encoding and big shelving EQ in the DAW to reign in the Sefari.

I figure Rings in Disastrous Peace mode, and perhaps Tides 2018 chords, will contribute to the ensemble, and I might add a melody line with Double Helix or Aalto.


Making friends.


non-modular side of the music room.


My idea of a “minimal” live setup that still needs a tonne of cables and power supplies.


Hello from an aspiring Norns and 128Grid owner (hopefully one day). My current employment is unpaid house-dad so my toy purchases have to be pretty cheap at the moment. This old Panasonic portable has been genuine fun though. The software is Sunvox.