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A couple changes since my last upload, now with a pink rug.


Here’s a hilariously ugly prototype module, which against my better judgement (especially after it somehow fried a piezo) is sitting in my rack, routing outside sounds inwards, waiting for me to build a version which is less likely to fall apart and fry my power supply at the slightest touch…


what an interesting setup…that is a LOT of VCA’s


Interesting set up! How do you like the Thyme?


I was thinking the same thing. I’ve been trying to imagine what I’d do with so many vca’s. Interesting.


2 quadratts too! Looks like a case for precision.


Wonderful setup. I tend to double or tripple buy modules as well. It kinda feels right :slight_smile:


Love the hardware. have you got it running windows 7 or something else?
had to look it up… and found this squeaky Oz teardown vid (why do we love this stuff so much)?


Studio build day

NORNS GB & Ireland Crew

Love the thyme! It’s beautiful and sounds great.


Just following an intuition with this! I’m enjoying pinging them with different envelopes and LFOs to reveal or fade out sounds or textures.


A bit cluttered, but functional.


Yeah, I do love playing with stuff like this! I’ve had it since August and have tried a bunch of different OSs, but in the end the other week I put 32bit Windows10 on it because it has all the drivers it needs built in. This latest installation has not been online at all and I see little point in doing so. I got it just to play with Sunvox and I’ve found that going online with it and installing antivirus ware and other stuff is just slows it down more. The other Windows OSs I tried were XP and 7. They worked well when it came to calibrating the touchscreen, but were a major pain finding and installing the correct drivers. I also tried a number of different Linux OSs - Puppy, Xubuntu, Mint, DSL and a load of others I can’t remember off the top of my head. They all worked quicker/smoother than the Windows OSs and didn’t need drivers installing, but all had issues with calibrating the touchscreen satisfactorily and some had glitchy audio issues that I didn’t spend long investigating.

I like using Sunvox on devices that have built-in qwerty keyboards, because Sunvox lets you remap 3 octaves of the piano/keyboard keys to whatever keys on the qwerty keyboard you like, plus any other functions you want to map. So basically you can kind of play this Toughbook with the built-in keyboard (if you’re not too fussy about latency…).


Hello from Malaysia :slightly_smiling_face:



heyo! looks amazing!
I was just asking about this last week: how are you hooking your ipad up to your rack and what programs are you running to sequence n play?


I have the iPad in a Griffin Studioconnect dock that provides audio & MIDI in and out. But in this case, I don’t have anything going back and forth between the modular and the iPad, I’m basically using them as two distinct instruments. That’s Samplewiz running on the iPad for some granulated field recordings.


wires everywhere…but the keys remain


how’s that midihub?

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its great, compact, but super flexible due to the midi processing capabilities - love it.