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Rough but functional unpowered modules in my own mini format (aka arbitrary size of some proto board I have lots of). 2x attenuators, one simple patchbay for trying out different diodes or other components in the signal path, and 2x mults. Will make more and build/find a little case :slight_smile:


so cool! I’ve played with proto boards like this before but I didn’t think to mount the jacks through the pcb!


Blown away by the Morphagene! Only had it a few days. Exceeding expectations!


cymbal stands


Did I just bought a poor man’s ER-301?


spend a morning in a gamelan room…


Back 2 basics: resurrected ome of my first circuitbends from circa 2000ad


got my printed case today

wknd gaming setup



I’m glad this happened.


I thought I recognized your alias @Cementimental! Did you have a website or some other presence in the circuit bending world back in the early 2000s?


I can see this in 3d by crossing my eyes :smiley:


i had THE website in the circuit bending world back in the early 2000s :smiley: At least, i had the most comprehensive links page on circuitbending for a while, back when it was even physically possible to have a comprehensive list of links about a given subject online. :slight_smile:

Cementimental still exists tho mostly been playing/recording with Isn’tses these days:


wow… my first “synth” that I used with a Mattel Synsonic drum : )


Sunday evening…


Aleph is one of the most stylish objects ever made…


The sunny side of the house.


That yellow stackable :cry:


There’s a green stackable too. :wink: If you have an address where to buy white stackables, please share. :smiley:


is there a file for the 3D printed case around here somewhere?!


Yes, here: Approaching: norns