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I like this pic of some buddies all in a row


rearranged my case for a new project



i bought a lot of AML all-white cables… stylish and fantastic… even if unrecognizable :smiley:


What is the green Gieskes module on the left?


317 vc pre

i have it upside down right now


Yeah, it forces one to memorize what one is doing while patching. Or: happy accidents guaranteed. :slight_smile:


how are you liking it?


featuring most recent batch of kombucha which turned out well.


i rarely used the tape since getting it a few yrs ago

most often it was my input module to bring ext audio into the system (sometimes used in tandem with coldmac) but i removed it from my main skiff once i got rip

now i’m adding it in for some w/ based hybrid reel-reel experiments


Now to begin the real work!


how are you brewing it?? always looking for tips

we have just recently mastered the art of not getting it moldy. black tea base and then bottling 80/20 with misc berries to carbonate.

looks great


B E A U tiful! :heart_eyes:


What skiff is that?

Interesting that you’ve got two 3S instead of Mangroves … Are you using them more as filters or oscillators, or is that a meaningless question ?


It’s the Make Noise Powered 104HP Skiff.

Taking a nod from @Dan_Derks, I’m gonna try using one Sisters as a filter and one as an oscillator. I went back and forth in my mind for a while about two Mangroves vs Six Sisters, and I think @baleen’s post somewhere about appreciating synths with audio inputs helped me lean towards the latter option. (granted, any of Mangrove’s CV inputs respond well to audio input.)

@n-So thanks!! I’m really excited


stoked to hear you flying soon :slight_smile:


I got two Mangroves and one 3S, but I definitely see the attraction…

I’m really curious about some of the rigs I see with multiple JFs and CMs too… that’s gotta be a wild ride! :sunglasses:


I think at this point it’s fair to say Mr. Mannequins is just leaving money on the table if he doesn’t make a Low-Pass Gate.

I love my pre-revision Optomix and Make Noise in general is wonderful, but imagine a Mannequins LPG. We’d all clearly buy it. Unhesitatingly.


I literally was just wondering about what a Mannequins non-Cold-Mac VCA would look like. Or a Mannequins source of randomness. Although I guess if you want noise Just Friends / Cold Mac can get you there and if you want slow randomness Teletype probably has you covered… :thinking:


DPLPG fills that role quite nicely, though if I remember right you don’t like the panel :slight_smile:


Omg a Mannequins random